Univers NuFace

ADHOC architects’ Univers NuFace cosmetic care clinic in Laval is an alternative space, situated between the luxury boutique and a hi-tech laboratory.

The challenge was to create in the space a professional and immaculate image while also transmitting NuFace’s owner’s extravagant personality. The concept was initially inspired by the butterfly’s image that ties all of Univers NuFace’s corporate identities together: NuFace, NuAddiction and Délivrance. ADHOC’s strategy was to create a clean and luminous space which would link the different parts together through colours, textures and materials. The resulting look is one of unity and coherence that allows each zone’s specificity to stand out.

Easy and low-cost methods such as the creative use of contrasting paint colours were used to create different atmospheres within the consultation rooms without adding walls. Furthermore, the use of digital parametric tools allowed the team to create from a microscopic texture of a butterfly’s wing a motif reinterpreted in the clinic’s different zones. The result is abstract, contemporary and fundamentally linked to the client.

Jean-François St-Onge / architect + artistic direction
Alexandre Hamlyn / architectural creator
Maryse Allard / interior design
Frare et Gallant / General contractor