Uniprix Pharmacy

Created by the firm Jean Lessard, the Uniprix pharmacy—located in Quartier DIX30 on the outskirts of Montreal—challenges conventional notions of a medical space.

“We wanted the space to reflect the human side of the profession, that it becomes an empathetic place, simple and collective, unpretentious, allowing the pharmacists to be more accessible and be seen by their patients.”

The design was modulated by feng shui principles, such as organizing the space to promote a smooth circulation of energy flow (Ch’i). The laboratory is positioned in the north, where soft natural light comes in from large windows. In addition, the reflection of light on the polished steel of a pillbox softens the visual impact of a volume with such impressive mass. High furniture positioned at the periphery and low-profile units offer an unobstructed line of view of the laboratory and the pharmacists.

Simplifying the reading of the space and the products, in addition to optimizing the merchandising factor, took months of research, volumetric studies and discussions. These aspects stem from the pharmacist and the designer’s wish for a colourful and refined place in a simple fashion.

There are no products around the laboratory, as clutter was to be avoided. “The reason is that we consciously wanted to dissociate the mercantile aspect of the professional act of the pharmacist. Listening, professionalism and human warmth prevail over product,” says Lessard.


Photo credit: © Adrien Williams


Projects technical specifications:

Client: Kieu Truong, pharmacist owner, Uniprix
Designers: Jean de Lessard, creative designers
Project manager: Alexa Adam
General contractor: Construction Mikado
Project manager: Teresa Botello
Cabinetwork Pharmacy: Héritage Ébénisterie Architecturale
Cabinetwork Centre Médical: Regency Ébénisterie
Shelf Pharmacy: Équipement Boni
Lighting: Au Courant Lighting
Glass: Renaissance Glassworks
Stainless steel: Gagnon Spécialités