Tarkett unveils vinyl tiles featuring designs from renowned artists

Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions, recently unveiled Collections Infinies, a digitally printed luxury vinyl tile (LVT), featuring designs from internationally renowned artists: Suzanne Tick of Suzanne Tick Inc., Krista Ninivaggi of K&Co, D.B. Kim, 2×4 and Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh. Tarkett also recently debuted a co-creation and visualization tool for Collections Infinies.

This innovative co-creation technology enables architects and designers to personalize Collections Infinies designs using specially selected color palettes for each layer of the design.

“Each of the artists within Collections Infinies was chosen for their creative strength and vision,” said senior vice president of design at Tarkett, Chris Stulpin. “It was essential for us to produce a collection that allows our customers to think beyond expected flooring solutions. LVT as a design tool is a new phenomenon and we wanted to leverage its use, through Collections Infinies, to urge people to connect differently with their flooring.”

Collections Infinies was created to revolutionize the creative process for commercial flooring. Flooring has traditionally been offered in a standard series of colours and patterns; but now, Collections Infinies enables architects and designers to actively participate in the product design process. Collections Infinies currently includes the following designs from some of the most respected artists in the world, including:

  • “Trans-Materia” from Suzanne Tick
  • “Glow” from Krista Ninivaggi of K&Co
  • “Riot” from 2×4
  • “Crystal” from D.B. Kim

“When Tarkett approached me to collaborate on Collections Infinies, I was intrigued by the opportunity to develop new mediums, tooling and software. Together, we’ve created a vision and mission that fellow designers can leverage to improve their designs and creative processes,” said lead Collections Infinies designer, and co-creator, Suzanne Tick.

“Co-creation continues to grow in importance,” continued Stulpin. “You see greater collaboration between customers and brands on everything from running shoes, to cars, to greeting cards. Customers now have greater control and oversight during the creative process, which presents a new challenge for designers. However, with Collections Infinies, customers are provided with flexible, adaptable commercial flooring options that can customize and transform whatever building they’re in.”

Collections Infinies, molded after Collections Privées that launched in Europe in 1999, maintains Tarkett’s historical commitment to challenging the status quo through innovative and creative design techniques. Previous collaborators to Tarkett include Andree Putnam, Jean Nouvel and Tom Dixon all of whom were integral to Tarkett’s industry-leading offerings in soft surface printing.

Collections Infinies was first introduced at NeoCon on Monday, June 13. A fifth design will be introduced from Stefan Sagmeister in fall 2016. To learn more, please visit Tarkett www.collectionsinfinies.tarkettna.com.