Jarnuszkiewicz House

The house of sculptor Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz — located on a vast land overhanging Lake Trousers in Bolton-Est, Ontario — is a product of collaboration between the client, sculptor, and Marie-Claude Hamelin and Loukas Yiacouvakis of YH2 Architecture.

The project was conceived using a cadaver effect, where each designer built upon the work done by the previous one. The sculptural proponent was debated until a strong and clear expression of the landscape was achieved.

Once the composition was established, the project was developed from the hand of one creator to the next. Volumes, plans, materials, masses and the development of interior spaces were continually shared.

The result is an open plan that offers natural fluidity and continuity between spaces. A large covered terrace and observation tower provide panoramic views of the forest and wildlife beyond, including mountains and a nearby lake. A large glass facade covering three floors also embraces and highlights the surrounding scenery.