Canadian firms A2DESIGN and SPATIUM announce partnership

A2DESIGN and SPATIUM have announced their alliance, allowing them to offer a more complete and multidisciplinary service including architecture, urban planning, interior design and communication under the name of A2DESIGN.

Both companies have had the opportunity to work together on numerous occasions these past few years; their common vision of project management and working methods have encouraged this merger. This partnership will contribute to the growth of a new entity, whose teams will remain committed to provide innovative projects with exceeding expectations.

The five partners, Chantal Panneton, Partner, General director, Interior designer certified APDIQ, DIC, Stéphan Grenier, Partner, BIM strategist consultant / technology integrator and architecture technologist, Céline Gaudreault, Partner, Design & concept, project development, certified Interior Designer APDIQ, DIC, Guylaine Breault, Partner, Business development, workplace Strategist and Faber Cayouette, associate, Strategist designer, Architect, landscape Architect, MOAQ, AAPQ and ADUQ, wish to carry out their mission with the same accuracy, thoroughness and efficiency to their clients. The multidisciplinary teams of nearly 50 accredited professionals whom many of them hold either regional or national level awards and/or distinctions, constitute a key asset.

The field of expertise of A2DESIGN & SPATIUM covers various areas: commercial, corporate, medical, residential (residences for seniors and multi-unit residential buildings), industrial and cultural. Both companies are known throughout Quebec and will continue to grow in Canada. This success can be attributed to their constant attention and professionalism towards their clients and to a solid reputation gained during their twenty-eight years of experience. Now, the integrated team proposes a broader range of services and will support customers during the whole process of their projects from beginning to end, working hard to make it a positive and rewarding experience.

New jobs will be created as a direct result of this alliance; some are already available. Anyone interested in joining their team and who is ready to take on new challenges is invited to provide their portfolio and curriculum vitae to:

Photo credit: Adrien Williams, François Leclair, David Boyer
Photo credit: Adrien Williams, François Leclair, David Boyer