Beauparlant launches new table series inspired by “natural and honest” materials

Integrated design studio Beauparlant has announced the launch of a table series composed of natural, honest materials of stone, steel and wood that will be exhibiting at the Interior Design Show in Toronto from January 19-22, 2017.

The design comes from a desire to provide a post industrial use for the waste material created by the stone countertop industry. Off cuts generated from cutting stone slabs into counter and surfaces are rarely used in secondary products and typically end as landfill. “This table embraces the variety of stones that could be found as remnants, every table base would be different,” says Beauparlant principal Philippe Beauparlant.

Stones discs cut from scrap materials are polished and stacked to form a weighted pedestal base for a variety of table sizes and shapes. An internal threaded rod keeps the stone in place under compression. A laminated white oak top echo’s the layered stone base. In order to keep the interesting stone base visible, a thin layer of felt cut to the shape of the top is used as a table cover instead of a draped cloth.

The weighted pedestal base makes the table suitable for commercial or residential applications while the natural and tactile materials bring a welcoming quality. Beauparlant is currently welcoming possible manufacturers.