Luum Textiles launches Transference Collection designed by Suzanne Tick

Luum - Transference Collection
Luum – Transference Collection

Luum Textiles has announced the introduction of its Transference Collection. Transference continues to build upon the foundational design tenets established in earlier launches.

“With the Transference Collection, integrated environments are created through performance-driven products. Purposeful collections are responsive to the multiple needs of ever-adapting spaces,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “The collection explores the meeting point between the digital and material. Four new textiles and one updated pattern with added colours explore the use of unexpected distortions and glitches as a design element.”

Inspired by the fine line between past and present, a classic textile is modernized through scale and pattern. Disrupt is a large-scale hounds-tooth reinterpreted through the use of unexpected moments of distortion within the graphic. This statement pattern is offered in colours of sophisticated neutrals with the addition of a high-tech citron.

Two new Bella Dura products are being introduced as part of the Transference collection. Disrupt is the first Bella Dura product on the market with this new textured and twisted novelty yarn that offers a softer, more cotton-like hand. Composed of proprietary polyolefin extruded fibers, Bella Dura yarns are fade-resistant, consistent in colour and infused with a silver ion technology. Bella Dura products are inherently stain-resistant, bleach-cleanable, anti-microbial, durable, recyclable and well exceed industry standards for resistance to fading.

Vital is a versatile texture, offered in a range of colors from quiet neutrals to activated brights. Working as a coordinate or on its own, this second Bella Dura product utilizes unusual color combinations to create texture. The pairing of a two-toned Bella Dura boucle yarn with a boldly colored warp creates visual chatter and surface interest.

Emit is Luum Textiles’ newest product for panels, Teknion’s Altos architectural wall system and wrapped walls. Inspired by the movement of light and shadow, Emit utilizes a two-tone yarn with a subtle sheen that results in a natural yet refined texture. Variations of color and weight within the yarns result in organic striations. With 44 percent recycled polyester content, Emit qualifies for NSF/ANSI 336 Silver certification and is offered in a palette of warm and cool neutrals.

Line Language is an upholstery fabric reminiscent of the act of drawing and painting. The sophisticated palette of three colours has been expanded to six. Based on rich art materials like sumi ink, charcoal and graphite, three new additions in tempera, gouache and pigment introduce colour as an added element. This linear pattern has a vertical movement of colour gradation from both light to dark and thick to thin. Line Language is a graphic that captures the gesture and natural variation of the hand-drawn line.

The new colours demonstrate the versatile nature of the pattern by exploring various levels of contrast. Whether a designer is seeking a dramatic, high-contrast colour or a muted, soft colour, Line Language offers exceptional durability with elegance. It can be upholstered in either direction and has a 40 per cent post-consumer recycled content.

“The Transference Collection continues to build upon the foundational design tenets established with our inaugural collection, Starting Point, shown at NeoCon 2016,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “We are focused on setting a new standard in textile design by elevating the role of the design process, while incorporating high-performance technology to meet the demands of collaborative work environments. Like Transference and Starting Point, future collections will be fully integrated, offering a common design language that allows for the seamless integration of patterns throughout a space.”