Keilhauer launches soft wool textile collection

Keilhauer Oona collection
Keilhauer Oona collection

Welcoming and soft to the touch, Keilhauer has introduced a new bouclé textile, Oona, available in a curated palette of 18 colours. From the French word “buckled,” bouclé is an option for upholstery, and the inherent stretch and resiliency of the fabric makes Oona great to tailor.

“Bouclé will never go out of style, and it will never be trendy,” says Jackie Maze, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Keilhauer. “Think of the classic Chanel suit — there is no fuss, it’s simply elegant. And that’s why the textile endures today.”

Oona feels like 100 per cent wool to touch, but as a blend, it becomes softer, more comfortable and more durable — making it equally well suited for residential use and commercial applications such as lobbies. The fabric’s natural stretch and non-directional pattern make it an option for upholstering highly contoured pieces.

The curated colour palette for Oona also focuses on the timeless — from classical neutral tones such as Calluna, Taupe and Mystic grey, to bold and saturated Red and Teal. The selection is also rounded out with a select number of current, on-trend hues such as Jade green and Dusty Pink.

Oona also complements leather and wood. The increasing popularity of wood is just one of the many design elements the design industry has embraced to bring the outdoors in. Exposure to nature is a surprisingly simple, but effective way, to improve working conditions, reduce stress and support employee well-being. However, the naturally occurring patterns found in wood grain are best presented alongside a textured fabric – invoking the inspiration behind Oona. “When texture and wood grains go hand-in-hand it creates a feeling of balance,” explains Maze.

Available on all of Keilhauer’s upholstered offerings, Oona is the newest addition to Keilhauer’s exclusive collection of 26 other textiles and leather upholstery options. The bouclé blend is 66 per cent wool and 34 per cent nylon, is ranked Heavy Duty abrasion resistance, surpassing 275,000 double rubs and has a 54-inch (137.16 cm) width. Please visit for more information about Oona and other Keilhauer exclusive textiles, and the company’s extensive offering of seating and tables.