A Second Batch from Cersaie


Pietre41 – available in Triple Black, Scrambled Greige and Hipster Grey (shown) –is a porcelain-tile collection from 41Zero42. Outline Grey tiles (at right) make use of laser technology for their delicate patterns. 41zero42.com


From Altaeco comes Shade2, a collection of coloured-body glazed stoneware – reminiscent of suit material – that can be used for both flooring and cladding. Available in 14 shades, in two formats: 50x50mm and 25x50mm. www.altaeco.com


The notion behind Hmade by Mirage is“four materials in one”: it brings together textures and styles from around the world in a ceramic collection mimicking concrete, wood, brick and hand-painted majolica tiles. The latter, featuring 40 different designs, is charming indeed; it comes in four colours: blue (shown), tan, black and mix.www.mirage.com


Pow! Ornamenta’s Gone collection of porcelain tiles, for both floors and wall, feels right on time. It features plain tiles in four colours (white, vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate) that can be mixed and matched with tiles in 12 delightful different patterns (from chevron to hoop to triangle). ornamenta.com

Arte Pura is a playful collection of porcelain stoneware created by Daniela Dallavalle for Ceramiche Refin. Grafismi (shown) features a mesh of fine ink strokes inspired by the designer’s whimsical artwork; Trame presents a delicate pattern inspired by linen; and Rillevi offers an elegant lacy weave.www.refin-ceramic-tiles.com


From Ceramica Francesco De Maio comes Blu Ponti, a collection of faithful reproductions of 30 decorations Gio Ponti developed in the early ’60s. A celebration of“the colours of the sky and the sea,” they were used to cover, in different combinations, the floor of the lobby and of the 100 rooms at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento – the first design hotel in the world. Measuring 20x20cm, the tiles have a thickness of 14 mm. www.francescodemaio.it

Marcel Wanders’ Sofia tiles for Altaeco are double-fired and entirely hand-decorated. Suitable for both floors and walls, they trick the eye into seeing three dimensions. Available in five different colours, with Delft Blue the standout.www.altaeco.com


The inspiration for Monocibec’s New Age collection of porcelain stoneware is rustic wooden floors, painted and worn by time and footsteps. A natural surface emphasizes the deliberately rough, artisan look of the product. It comes in four colours; ash (shown), bone, pecan and ebony.www.monocibec.it

Gordon Guillaumier has designed the Bits collection of porcelain stoneware for Ceramiche Piemme. Drawing on the Renaissance tradition, he reinterprets terrazzo flooring in a contemporary way, electing to use “wood”– rather than glass or marble chips – overlaid onto a “stone” base.Comes in two versions: Quad (left), derived from Roman lapis porphyrites (ruby porphyry); and Facet, from opus incertum (irregular work/random paving).www.ceramichepiemme.it


Ceramica Sant’Agostina presents Tipos, which mimics the rarest and most noble travertine marble found in nature. The collection finds its fullest expression in the slabs of Travertino Rigato, presented in a format of 60x120cm, designed to achieve a perfect tiling “in the continuous vein.”In four colours: White, Silver, Sand, Bone and Ocean.www.ceramicasantagostino.it

You could swear the Marmorea collection of porcelain tiles from Ceramica Fioranese is actually marble, thanks to its great depth and luminosity. Digital-decoration technology allows for the typical colours and shading of the most classic marbles, reproducing their characteristic variability. Available in multiple formats, including lovely mosaics.www.fioranese.it


From Leonardo Ceramica comes District, a slate-cut, semi-glossy “metal” tile, which comes in four colours (grey, black, brown and white). Made of full-body porcelain, it appears lightly hammered. Various surface textures are available. leonardoceramica.com


With cement an ongoing trend, Casalgrande Padana’s Beton collection – more durable and easier to maintain that cement –isau courant. Like all of the company’s offerings, Beton is available in a Bios Antibacterial version with certified antibacterial properties; and a Bios Self-Cleaning version, with high self-cleaning and pollution abatement performance. In four colours, from light to dark. casalgrandepadana.it

The inspiration for Ceramica Fioranese’s Imperfetto collection is pressed earth, modified by marks and scratches. Imperfect yes, bit with a refined sensibility. Available in several sizes, formats and colours.www.fioranese.it


Cement-imposter Craft, from Ceramiche Refin, looks its very best in its largest formats:120x240cm and 120x120cm. An in-depth study of the peculiarities of cement material has led to a product with toned, shaded and graded effects, lending a craftsman-like edge. The four colour are well named: Rice, Cloud, Fog and Tan. www.refin-ceramic-tiles.com


Fap’s Lumina collection of porcelain-stoneware wall coverings continues to grow. Notable is the new 20x20cm size, featuring both a smooth and a 3D surface. Shown: Lumina Frame in black and white, both with a matt finish.www.fapceramiche.com