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Compiled by Peter Sobchak

Floorify | Rigid Vinyl

Floorify introduced its Rigid Vinyl Planks & Tiles collection at the trade fair, purporting to be the first to combine the properties of vinyl with a shock-resistant foundation and an ultra-strength click connection system. Floorify is quiet, warm to the touch, waterproof, extremely strong and impact resistant, dimensionally stable and very thin. www.floorify.com

Unilin | Quick-Step Majestic Laminate

Majestic Laminate is a new addition to Unilin’s successful Quick-Step collection and is unique in its unusual dimensions: 205cm in length by 24cm in width. The line’s faux-oak design has flower-like graining, fissures and knots that make it a remarkably realistic wood imitator. www.unilin.com

Dural | Duofloor LVT

Unveiled at Domotex, Dural’s newest development is an aluminum-based system designed to accommodate low installation heights. The screwable, extra-flat structure can be used for covering heights starting at 3mm, helping to create smooth transitions between floor coverings of the same height. www.dural.de

Forbo Flooring | Flotex Planks

One product that is particularly quick to lay are the Flotex Planks from Dutch supplier Forbo Flooring. The 100cm by 25cm planks are densely woven, waterproof, easy to maintain and bacteria resistant, making them suitable for floors where hygiene requirements are high, such as homes for senior citizens. www.forbo-flooring.com

Rug Art | Allure

Sigal Sasson, the artistic brains behind all of Rug Art’s creations, took inspiration from the patterns of distressed stucco on the walls of a medieval castle in the French city of Sarlat, which have been softened by weather and age. For her rug, the effect is rendered in lustrous silk and matka. www.rug-art.net

Jaipur Rugs | Unstring by Kavi

Unstring, designed by Kavi for Jaipur Rugs, is described as a play of a million coloured threads. Each rug in the collection has nearly 200,000 asymmetric knots of hand-spun wool and bamboo silk in every square metre. www.jaipurrugsco.com

Hossein Rezvani | Shiraz Sabz

Persian carpet designer Hossein Rezvani took the Iranian city of Shiraz for inspiration, where patterns tend to be big medallions in strong reds and browns. Rezvani gave this traditional design a contemporary twist by adding a vibrant turquoise. www.hosseinrezvani.com

Rug Star | Intimacy Berlin

J & M Republic, known for colour-blasted one-of-a-kind rugs, has partnered with Jürgen Dahlmanns of Rug Star, an equally colourful personality, on new, exclusive designs. They also paired up recently to open the first North American Rug Star showroom in Vancouver. www.jmrepublic.com

Aquafil | Metallic Long-Space

Old nylon fishing nets and other Nylon 6 waste are harvested and re-engineered to create ECONYL yarn for Aquafil from Italy. It is then processed to make a metallic-looking surface that shimmers in shades of silver and gold and lends a high-quality appearance to carpets. www.aquafil.com

Fletco Carpets | Stony Beach

Thanks to new tufting technology with a structured loop, four-colour patterns can be made without printing. Stony Beach carpet tiles have no repeat pattern, which results in less waste. Their special TEXtiles backing dispenses with PVC and bitumen. www.fletco.com