Gillanders establishes annual awards for Ryerson’s School of Interior Design

Photo courtesy of RSID
Photo courtesy of RSID

At a 60th anniversary celebration held at the Toronto Board of Trade, Gillanders announced the establishment of the Gillanders Diamond Award at Ryerson’s School of Interior Design in the Faculty of Communication and Design. This is the first time a construction company has created such an awards program at the School.

“As a new firm 60 years ago, Gillanders broke new ground by focusing construction management skills for corporate clients and setting standards that still define the industry. Today, we are stronger than ever,” said Berto Ramos, president of Gillanders Construction Inc. “I would like to acknowledge the trust that has been placed in us over the years by clients, building owners and managers, project managers, and especially, the many talented designers whose visions we have been privileged to make real.”

Mark Tomjenovic, vice president of Gillanders, announced the investment in the future of the interior design industry by the establishment of two annual awards for Ryerson students. “The awards will recognize the way their work demonstrates an in-depth understanding of construction technology and how it affects the quality of their designs,” Tomjenovic explained. “These students will have successfully brought together the art of building science and the design of a commercial, institutional or retrofitted projects.”

The Gillanders Diamond Scholarships donation was accepted by Ryerson University Associate Director of Development, Sari Disenhouse and Stephanie Fibiger, Academic Coordinator, Ryerson School of Interior Design.

“The School of Interior Design is thrilled that Gillanders sees the promise and potential of our students and this new award will inspire and encourage them while providing much needed financial support,” said Professor Lois Weinthal, Chair of the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University. “We are grateful to Gillanders for making this investment in our future interior design leaders.”