As an established marketing firm which has operated under the same name for almost 25 years, the new owners wanted to create a fresh identity including a new name and a renewed energy.

Allowing them to be inspired by a London district famous for its creativity, bustle, and vibrant streets, the client wanted a new space that was personal and that echoed their vision. They wanted the noise, haste and creative energy to infuse their space, and enliven its inhabitants; hence their new company name, Camden.

Inside Studio began by addressing the challenging square-shaped space, located in the trendy Mile-End borough of Montreal, needed to be maximized to respect the client’s needs. A black volume was created in the centre of the space. This black box was designed to serve a triple role: it gathers all the closed spaces together in order to simplify construction and minimize walls; its slightly skewed angle animates the space creating a visual dynamism, a captured motion, and allows all the available natural light into the space; and its angled position naturally divides the area creating spaces both for the work groups and the services.

The core is composed of closed rooms, each associated with an artist that reflects the client’s philosophy and spirit such as Amy Winehouse, Frida Kahlo, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. The resulting space is raw, layered, compact, efficient, brazen, and will accompany this marketing firm to its bright and promising future.