Legrand previews LED innovation in ‘Human Centric Lighting’

Circadian schedules and personal comfort levels are continuing to drive innovations in the quickly evolving field of residential LED lighting. The promise to make it simpler to control lighting in the smart home, including dynamic white and colour temperature, is becoming an industry standard in residential environments. Legrand, one of the global players in electrical and digital building infrastructures, is helping drive the trend through the upcoming introduction of the new Human Centric Lighting (HCL) control technology, operated through the Vantage Controls® Equinox User Interface (UI).

Now being previewed at San Diego’s CEDIA tradeshow, the UI software for Vantage’s InFusion lighting system comes installed on Equinox touchscreens or downloadable as an app on mobile devices (iOS and Android). InFusion is one of the most robust automated lighting control systems available in the residential market.Legrand, Vantage, Human Centric Lighting

The interface features widgets that provide several options for designing the desired lighting scene for HCL applications. It provides easy, automated, and intuitive control of fixtures to adjust correlated color temperature (CCT) levels using circadian schedules or custom schedules and preferences. The UI can control DMX light sources including fixtures enabled with Lumenetix araya5® logic modules. araya5 mixes five colors for advanced tunable color at an industry-leading range of color temperatures that simulates the range, color quality, and consistency of natural sunlight, trademarked as “electric sunlight.”

Once implemented, the Vantage lighting system and solutions can work together to deliver the highest levels possible of quality of light and visual comfort for a healthy home environment. “The opportunity for HCL to improve the health and well-being of people is being to extended residential spaces,” said Mark Moody, Product Manager at Vantage Controls. “The added benefit with the Vantage system is that we enable dealers to experience better and faster project design, installation, and programming while providing homeowners with full control of their spaces with simple, intuitive, and personalized user interfaces.”