Great Gulf presents wood exhibit at EDIT: Expo

Great Gulf will exhibit Wild Abode at EDIT: Expo, an inaugural festival that envisions a world transformed by unparalleled design, innovation and technology solutions.

Wild Abode will present a gallery-style educational display CAD House featuring LED lighting with soft pulsating effect and 5,000 suspended tree seedlings. The exhibit provides a thorough visual narrative of wood sustainability & sensorial experience. Visitors can watch videos to learn about the benefits and attributes of wood as the material of the future for its sustainability and renewability.

Wood is the greenest and most energy efficient building material with the lowest carbon footprint, the most environmentally friendly of all building materials, and 100 per cent renewable. Wood panels are manufactured in factory environments such as Great Gulf’s H+me Technology where pre-fabrication panelization increases efficiency, and decreases costs, making housing more affordable.

“We are committed to reducing our environmental impact while creating healthier, more sustainable homes and workplaces so that both our customers, employees, and their neighbours can live greatly,” said Great Gulf President Christopher Wein. “Wood technology is progressing at a rapid rate, it’s an innovative material and with new technology including Cross Laminated Timber and Engineered Wood Products Lumber, the performance of wood is enhanced.”

The structural value and overall performance is better than just unprocessed wood making it a suitable material with construction applications that currently use masonry, steel and concrete. New engineered wood allows for construction of even tall buildings over  six floors.

Produced by Design Exchange in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, EDIT runs from September 28 to October 8 at East Harbour (formerly the Unilever Soap Factory) in Toronto’s Port Lands.