Ciot introduces new ‘Textures’ tile collection

CiotThe new Textures mosaic collection from CVS has arrived. Available exclusively through Ciot the, Textures collection was developed by Italian architect and designer Sergio Savino, and has already garnered significant attention in the interior surfaces industry following its recent launch.

Made of 85% natural stone and 15% resin, this high performance composite is technically and environmentally sound, durable, and moisture resistant. This makes the Textures collection ideal for bathroom applications. It can be applied to both floors and walls in residential projects. It is not recommended for commercial flooring.Ciot

Sergio Savino, the artist behind the collection, is known for his work with CVS Italia, a leader in the engineered stone industry. The new collection was designed with a special focus on research and development. The result is a unique surface that dazzles clients with the beauty of its design and the quality of the finished product.Ciot

Available in a number of shades and finishes, the new collection fits with a wide range of styles. The surfaces combine two dimensional and three dimensional patterns. The mosaic also comes in a variety of textures for a unique, customized look. With its rock solid manufacturing process and high quality materials, the Textures mosaic collection touts a notable innovation in the surfaces industry. The new collection follows the launch of Ciot’s Fifth Avenue concrete tile collection, which was introduced in August.


Founded in Montreal in 1950 by Giovanni Battista Ciot, the namesake company is a leading importer, distributor, retailer and transformer of marble, slate, onyx and ceramic tiles. The firm, which touts a one-stop-shop concept, owns showrooms in Montreal, Quebec, Brossard, Halifax, and three in Toronto, as well as a location in Detroit.  The company also has a business office in New York.