DesignAgency to reimagine Hilton Niagara Falls hotel

DesignAgency, Hilton Niagara FallsHilton Niagara Falls/Fallsview Inn Hotel & Suites has commissioned DesignAgency for the redesign of the hotel, located in one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. Construction is now underway with completion scheduled for spring 2019. The three tower, multi-phased project will include a redesigned lobby, grand atrium, spa, a swimming pool, retail concourse, a Starbucks and four food and beverage concepts. Once complete, the interiors will connect directly with a new 5,000-seat event venue – the biggest in Niagara Falls – located right on the Hilton property. The hotel is owned by the DiCosimo family who have assembled the consulting team including DesignAgency, Stanford Downey Architects, Smith + Anderson consulting engineers, and Trend Food Services. Having recently completed the redesign and renovation of The Duniway in Portland, Oregon, DesignAgency continues their relationship of working with the Hilton brand in Niagara Falls, amongst others.

Hilton Niagara Falls, DesignAgency
A worm’s eye view of the existing hotel. Image via Google Maps.

“With the redesign of the Hilton Niagara Falls/Fallsview Inn Hotel, we’re aiming to bring a fresh, contemporary design and breathe new life to the Niagara strip with a hotel that’s exciting and dramatic, and that gives a nod to the natural beauty of the falls. We are connecting history and innovation from the past, to the Niagara Falls of the future.” commented Allen Chan, partner at DesignAgency.

Hilton Niagara Falls, DesignAgency
The hotel’s street-level will be reconfigured to create a more welcoming and engaging presence. Image via Google Maps.

The interiors feature a design inspired by the Falls themselves, along with touches of glamour and elements that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The lobby renovation will include a number of dramatic shifts in the overall programming, large infrastructure changes to vertical circulation, and vast improvements to the overall customer arrival experience.

The three hospitality spaces include a Brazilian-style steakhouse, an Italian market place restaurant concept, and a three story mega-venue with a live music stage. The swimming pool, currently located on the ground floor, will be relocated to the roof of
the mid-tower along with a new spa on the second floor.