Festive bear sculptures return to Deloitte’s Bay Adelaide HQ

Just west of Yonge Street, a festive holiday presence has returned to the foot of the Bay Adelaide East tower in downtown Toronto. Designed and created by local Toronto art studio Moss & Lam, this installation takes inspiration from northern constellation (and is named after) ‘Ursa Major’ – which translates to ‘Great Bear.’

Ursa Major at Bay Adelaide East.
Ursa Major at Bay Adelaide East.

A pair of giant (12 foot) bears share an embrace in the lobby of the downtown office tower, appearing to ‘dance’ across the light-filled floor.

As white as freshly fallen snow, the two bears feature holograms inside their bellies, made of individual Swarovski crystals that were meticulously strung inside each bear to form the image of a ‘bear inside a bear.’

The playful installation has been returned to the Bay Adelaide East lobby for its second holiday season, following an inaugural stay last year. The festive artwork now stands alongside Micah Lexier’s minimalist “Two Circles” installation, an elegant public artwork that graces the building’s lobby. Ursa Major at Bay Adelaide East.

Two circles of identical size, identically positioned on either end of the lobby. One circle is solid black, the other a thin, black outline. Viewed from afar, each circle reads as a perfect geometric shape on a smooth, white wall. As one gets closer, the work reveals itself to be far from perfect. It is an intricate, handmade ceramic tapestry rich with visual incident.

Made of styrofoam, plaster, and monofilament wire, the bears will remain in the lobby until the new year.