Five new colours unveiled for Mirage’s hardwood flooring

Mirage, the Quebec hardwood flooring brand known for quality, is proud to announce the addition of five new colours: Bubble Bath, Sand Castle, Hula Hoop, and Roller Coaster to Sweet Memories Collection, and Lunar Eclipse to Flair Collection.

Bubble Bath, with its pearly tones, exudes a feeling of peace and tranquility perfect for minimalist décors.

Bubble Bath, by Mirage.
Bubble Bath, by Mirage.

Sand Castle is a sandy brown that looks like it was scooped straight from a desert dune. It’s a fashionable addition that’s sure to be embraced for its timeless, classic style.

Hula Hoop is a rich and natural beige. This new colour, like the others in the same collection, recalls the authentic charm of old floors while adding a modern touch.

Roller Coaster is a grey shade flecked with woody brown highlights.

The Sweet Memories Collection recalls the authentic charm of old floors and stands out for its unique staining and brushing process—a Mirage exclusive.

“Pale colours and rustic modern looks are still trending strong in interior design this year. The four new colors launched by Mirage are surefire hits and make a beautiful addition to the already highly popular Sweet Memories Collection,” says Brad Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand.

As rich as it is vibrant, Lunar Eclipse boasts a look that’s anything but ordinary. With its shades of brown, black highlights, and warm touches of beige this versatile colour will stand the test of time for decades without losing its original charm.

Lunar Eclipse, by Mirage.
Lunar Eclipse, by Mirage.

“Today’s trends are about getting back to the source and reconnecting with nature, with matte floors that express the authenticity of wood at its best,” says Brad Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand. “Lunar Eclipse recalls this trend with a color that’s here to stay. It’s perfect for looks ranging from bold to traditional.’’

The Flair Collection features hardwood flooring with all the natural characteristics of wood and oiled flooring without the maintenance hassles thanks to its matte and highly resistant DuraMatt™ finish.

The five new colours are available in White Oak Character in Classic (4-1/4″) or Engineered (5″, 6-1/2″, and 7-3/4″) technologies with the DuraMatt™ finish.