Eastern Promises

Xperia Touch│Sony  Xperia Touch, Sony, Business of Design Week Xperia Touch, Sony, Business of Design Week

This portable projector from Sony combines an infrared light array with a 60fps camera capture that turns any flat surface, be it wall, table or even floor, into an interactive touchscreen. Its cool factor cannot be overstated: this little box of tricks gets us closer to that dreamed-about world free of glass screen devices. www.sonymobile.com  

Gold Phantom│Devialet Limited Gold Phantom, Devialet, Business of Design Week

An audiophile’s dream, the ultra-compact and powerful Gold Phantom wireless speaker by French company Devialet may be the world’s most expensive Bluetooth Speaker, but from a design perspective must be worth every euro. www.devialet.com 

Light & Shadow Calendar│Shilushi Inc. Shilushi, Light & Shadow Calendar, Business of Design Week

Inspired by the sundial and intended to both display and pay homage to the movement of the sun, this clever calendar laser-cuts the days out of black paper board, allowing light to go through the slit of numbers and reflect on a flat surface. www.shilushi.com 

MiVR Headset│Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software  MiVR Headset, Beijing, Business of Design Week

The MiVR fits most phone sizes and is wrapped in smooth, lightweight, durable Lycra, chosen as the main material to remove the cold feeling of electronic products. The two-way zipper locks in phone securely, more so than conventional slots and phone clips, and is also compatible with different phones with different positions of earphone jacks and USB interfaces. www.mi.com 

Timber Scooper│Dennis Cheung Timber Scooper, Business of Design Week, Dennis Cheung

Timber Scooper is a digital fabrication technique designed to recycle and re-surface solid wood planks into an organic 3D pattern for wall treatments. This scooping algorithm is intended to be open sourced for use by other designers in an attempt to promote sustainable design. www.dennis-cheung.com 

 Lucky 7│ Justime Lucky 7, Justime, Business of Design Week

Available in several models, the wall-mounted basin mixer (shown) spout is meant to represent some kind of plant stem lucky enough to grow out of the wall, while the this faucet handle’s round body refers to the seed and its slim part shows “roots of a growing plant.” The name “Lucky Seven” refers more aptly to the curved shape of the sink version, which from the right angle resembles the lucky number seven. www.justime.com 

Concetto Professional│Grohe Concetto Professional, Grohe, Business of Design Week 

Clean in line, sleek and chicly spare, the Concetto single-handle pull-down spray head kitchen faucet carries a striking gooseneck design but without the bulky excess typically seen in industrial aesthetics. www.grohe.ca 

ActivEyesPhilips ActivEyes, Philips, Business of Design Week

So sleek and simple it is almost hard to tell what this device does at first glance. An “eye-refresher,” it has three built-in settings to combat eye fatigue: a cool treatment reduces puffiness and refreshes; a warm treatment relieves fatigue and relaxes; a combination program with massage combats dark circles. www.philips.com.hk 

BiovesselBionicraft Biovessel, Bionicraft, Business of Design Week

With such beautifully sensual and flowing lines, this item could easily be just a piece of tabletop sculpture. But in fact it has grander ambitions: an odourless ecosystem that can grow new plants from food waste, using earthworms and microbes. www.bionicraft.com