Quebec’s Maison Milan brings sharp design to the ‘reinvented’ knife

After winning over cooking enthusiasts with its refined, local and authentic products, Quebec company Maison Milan is continuing its drive to market tools for culinary spaces internationally, with products created by some of the world’s best designers. In the coming weeks the knife will be exhibited in Milan for The Design Experience organized by Archiproducts Milano from April 17 to 22; at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the exhibition Bon Appétit! Contemporary Foodware Designs in Quebec, from April 17, 2018 to March 12, 2019; and at World Wide Things in Graz, Austria from May 4 to June 3,Maison Milan, knife

Emblematic of the company’s impressive growth is a new knife from Maison Milan—a tool that elevates what a knife can be. With its sturdy cast-iron handle, the knife stands on its own, upright. The authentic solid walnut blade is easy to wield, for children as well as adults, as it slices through lettuce and other vegetables with ease. This reinvention of the knife comes courtesy of designer Chifen Cheng, working in collaboration with Maison Milan. The butt of the handle grinds salt, pepper, spices, and nuts effortlessly, like a pestle. The wide wooden blade is also just right for scooping ingredients into a pan. This is the knife reinvented in solid walnut.Maison Milan, knife

The essence of Maison Milan is a quest for timelessness. The company seeks the reinvention of everyday things, by working with impassioned designers from around the world, treating every aspect of design with the utmost respect, and using the finest and most noble materials. Maison Milan’s bold actions inspire, move, and provoke. One creation at a time, Maison Milan strives to bring pleasure to daily life.

Maison Milan and Chifen Cheng won an award for their reinvented knife, in the category “Objects and accessories, kitchen products,” at the 11th annual Grands Prix du Design in February 2018.Maison Milan, knife

Maison Milan is an innovative company with a unique market position, offering tools and accessories that are both high-end and accessible, focusing on the user experience and top-quality manufacturing. The designers selected by Milan create products true to the company’s exacting approach, in which aesthetic appeal and practicality are inseparable.Maison Milan, knife

Founded by Tony Gaudette in 2011, Maison Milan won Grand Prix du Design awards in 2012, 2015 and 2018, the Italian GranDesignEtico award in 2016 and a Premio Venezia in 2017. Maison Milan’s products are distributed through some 15 specialty retailers in Canada and Europe.