These Goods Are Made for Walking

Subtractive Layers | Patcraft Patcraft, flooring Patcraft, flooring

Kelly Stewart’s new Remove and Withdraw tiles bring a unique peak-and-valley texture to this collection. The designer developed the tiles from her series of Harry Morgan- and Pierre Soulages-inspired acrylic paintings, in which she used a broken comb to achieve a linear texture. The resulting 12”x24” flooring slabs are dynamic and tangible, and reminiscent of a painted canvas.  

Textures | Ciot Ciot, flooring Ciot, flooring

Italian architect Sergio Savino’s collection blends 85 per cent natural stone with 15 per cent resin, resulting in high-performance and environmentally sound tiles suitable for the walls and floors. In addition to a variety of shades and finishes, the tiles are available with two- and three-dimensional finishes.   

Corkwood | Torlys Torlys, flooring

This new flooring collection combines the warmth of wood, the durability of laminate and the comfort of cork. The top layer is made of digitally printed cork in realistic oak and walnut patterns, while the underlay adds sound protection. Available in a variety of colours, the 4’ and 6’ planks are also dent, mould and mildew resistant.  

Pixel | Stepevi Stepevi, flooringStepevi, flooring

Inspired by the pink Damask rose of Isparta, Turkey, Stepevi’s new Pixel rugs are both richly coloured and multi-dimensional. Handcrafted using a special technique, the rugs contain a base layer of tufted wool and viscose, combined with a second layer of 10 different yarn colours emphasizing the pixel motifs. The rugs are available in two abstract designs and seven different hues, and can be cut to any desired shape or size.   

Burnish | Bentley Bentley, flooringBentley, flooring

The newest addition to Bentley’s Outskirts collection brings minimalism and movement to the floor. Dressed in a deeply textured tweed, the cushion and hardback tiles are available in three sizes and crafted using a pattern tufting technology for ultimate colour and performance.  

Kinetex | J+J Flooring Group 

Kinetex products are ideal for corporate, healthcare, educational and hospitality spaces. For example, Put a Cork in It tiles combine specs of jade with neutral backgrounds and cobalt, brown and linen undertones. Inky blacks can also be seen converging over smoky grays. The similar 24”x24” Tri-Plex tiles mix modern patterning with 12 crisp colourways. Both are textile composite flooring products, contributing to better acoustics, greater comfort, improved traction and enhanced indoor air quality.  

 Flying Carpet | nanimarquina Nanimarquina, flooringNanimarquina, flooring

Flying Carpet, one of nanimarquina’s most unique and popular rugs, aims to connect users to their inner child. Available in red and green, the three-dimensional carpet boasts corners that can be propped up using grey felt wedges to create interesting, loungeable slopes. The part-furniture rugs are ideal for educational and healthcare facilities, as well as quirky residential rooms.  

 Blend | nanimarquina Nanimarquina, flooringNanimarquina, flooring

Blend, designed by RAW Color for nanimarquina, plays with the visual perception of colour by mixing two shades in lines and solid patterns. Made from 100 per cent ghazni hand spun wool, there are three colour variations available in two standard sizes, and custom options available upon request.   

Oscillation II | Brintons AmericasBrintons, flooring, carpet Brintons, flooring, carpet

Designed by Paul Andino, the Oscillation II carpets question the role that texture, line and colour play in the interior landscape. Self-described as organic with a calculated contemporary twist, the carpets contain geometric and cosmic-like patterns in subtle yet defined colourations. Intended for large open spaces like hotels, ballrooms, casinos and conference halls, Oscillation carpets are perhaps best identified by their use of Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet, a vibrant purple that complement’s the line’s dark and mysterious identity.  

 Market Fringe | Chilewich Chilewich, flooring, carpet

Available in six sizes and three colourways – Pacific, Quartz and Sangria –Market Fringe carpets are prized for their careful manufacturing technique. Handcrafted in collaboration with a small weaving mill in Los Angeles before being finished in the company’s factory in Georgia, the carpets are made of yarn created from scratch by twisting multiple strands of tonal colours together.  

 AndoloJan Kath Jan Kath, andolo

A captivating new design in the multicolour Spectrum Collection takes its inspiration from the far north, using wool and silk to depict the electrically charged particles of the bright northern lights during winter months.