IBI Group Patios

Toronto-based, technology-driven design firm, IBI Group had a challenge for its employees: redesign your patio spaces.  With a minimum of 340 square feet and a maximum of 550 square feet to work with, 13 teams, made up of engineers, landscape architects, high-rise architects, planners, interior designers, marketing & communications staff, legal services, etc., stepped outside their everyday responsibilities to make a mark on their office and inspire fellow coworkers with engaging and inviting designs.  IBI Group, patio

Judges looked for creativity, feasibility and the best possible use of the space they had available. A final 9 teams (selected by our judging panel) presented their ideas to the office, followed by an online voting process for all staff, and 3 winning designs were chosen: 

  • 6th floor – Views from the 6ix
  • 7th floor – Natural Fusion
  • 8th floor – Treehouse Terrace 

Each team worked with one furniture sponsor: Salex/Equiparc, Hauser and Landscape Forms. The designs were implemented at the IBI Group’s Toronto head office, located at 55 St Clair West.