Luxury Home & Design Show coming to Vancouver in June

Vancouver’s Luxury Home & Design Show is back this June with its largest four-day presentation yet for guests with an appreciation of craftsmanship, quality, innovation and design. The 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show will turn BC Place into an “Italian piazza” from June 21-24. Guests will experience luxury and elegance through artwork, home décor and other bespoke items from around the world. Top international designers, artisans and other exhibitors will be at the show to talk about about the inspiration that drives them and their creations.

Luxury Home & Garden Show, BC Place, Vancouver
Vancouver’s BC Place. Photo by Ryan Adams via Panoramio.

This specially-designed environment will reflect the human spirit through the finest designs, home furnishings, exquisite art pieces curated from all over the world, and more. This edition will redefine the essence of luxury, and showcase works rarely experienced anywhere in Canada.

In previous years, the Luxury Home & Design Show has attracted thousands of guests with an appreciation for the special connection between Man and Object.vThis is a singular and rare opportunity to experience and acquire luxury items from around the world brought together in a single location. Works from some of today’s most talented artisans will combine with heritage brands that have defined luxury over centuries, and innovators who are redefining what luxury means.

The founder of Luxury Home and Design Show, Wendy Guo, explained “We’re bringing something different to Vancouver, something beautiful. We want to create an experience where people can not only experience hard-to-find curated brands and artisans, but also experience the power of the design that is put together by many top design minds and building team.”

“Luxury is not about price, but about the quality, details and heart that the creators put into their work. To us, this is priceless and we’ve searched the far corners of the globe – from old castles in Italy, to the deep mountains of Taiwan, the high Tibetan plateau, to our own local island communities to bring many hidden treasures to the show,” Wendy adds.

Exhibitors will fill 80,000 square feet inside BC Place in a re-created Piazza, which in Italy is the core and heartbeat of any town, and representative of the kind of European heritage and design simply not experienced anywhere in North America.

“We’re creating our own universe with exactly the feel we know our guests want. In Italy, the Piazza is the gathering place for your family and your friends. It’s simply something not seen before in Canada,” says Bianca Fusco Zanatta, principal of M. Zanatta Homes & Design in Vancouver, and designer of the Luxury Home and Design Show. “When I was being asked about the design for this show, I thought what better avenue than an Italian Piazza to incorporate the architecture, design and quality we’re bringing together all in one space, creating the story of excellence.”

More information is available via the official Luxury Home & Design Show website, linked here.