IDC welcomes Tracy Bowie to design symposium planning team

Tracy Bowie, IDC, Value of Design Thinking Symposium
Tracy Bowie.

The Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) has announced that Tracy Bowie, formerly Vice President at IIDEX Canada, has joined the planning team as Conference Consultant for IDC’s inaugural Design Symposium, which will be held in Toronto, Ont., Sept. 16-19, 2018.

Having recently retired from her long-time post at the helm of IIDEX Canada, Tracy also continues to work as Special Advisor for Informa Canada during the transition to the Interior Design Show, which is also coming to Toronto this January 17 & 18, 2019.

Tracy looks forward to sharing her vast knowledge and experience working in the design industry and is currently seeking multidisciplinary panelists, workshop leaders, moderators, tour locations, CEU sessions, and keynote speakers for IDC’s Design Symposium, which focuses on the ‘Value of Design Thinking.’

Ahead of the inaugural Design Symposium, IDC has issued a call for ‘thought leaders’ to present multidisciplinary ideas and topic submissions for the event. Earlier this month, we took a more detailed look at the IDC call for submissions:

This year’s theme, ‘Value of Design Thinking,’ aims to showcase the benefits of an empathetic, inventive, and iterative design process focused on the human experience within interior spaces. In addition, IDC is accepting submission throughout the year from speakers for professional development courses on relevant topics and expertise on important issues facing the design industry in Canada.

“Over three thought-provoking days, we’re aiming to expand your horizons, as well as your network and skills base through a program of in-depth education, expert panel discussions, guided design tours, awards galas and breakfasts, emerging professionals programs and provocative conference keynotes,” the IDC website explains.

Founded in 1972, the IDC is the national advocacy association for the interior design profession. As the profession’s national advocacy body, IDC represents more than 5,000 members including fully qualified interior designers, Intern members (who have yet to pass their exams), students, educators and retired members.

Submissions for thought leader presentations are being accepted until May 7.  IDC members can also contact Tracy via email at [email protected] or [email protected] with suggestions for the upcoming Design Symposium or ideas for professional development throughout 2018.