Caesarstone releases four new modern industrial finishes

Premium quartz manufacturer Caesarstone has used new techniques to find perfection within imperfection of these organic materials to create its latest colours for 2018. Earlier this year, Caesarstone released new quartz colours Cloudburst Concrete, Intense White and Frozen Terra. This spring, it unveils four more colours: Topus Concrete, Airy Concrete, Excava and Flannel Grey.Caesarstone

The new colours hold true to the traditional Caesarstone polish, and these finishes add further options to refine and contour contemporary interiors. Whether it’s a sleek backsplash, a textured countertop or a fresh flooring feature, Caesarstone will add a natural and timeless sophistication to the home:

Topus Concrete – Ideal for use with neutral or off-white walls or grey tilesTopus Concrete, Caesarstone

  • Inspired by topological strata: fossilized textures built up in veiled layers
  • Combines the mineral formations found in nature with rugged patinas
  • Gentle hint of warm pink with blush undertone
  • Accent with terracotta, brushed stainless steel or matte bronze

Airy Concrete – Provides the true feel of concrete but is easy to maintainAiry Concrete, Caesarstone

  • A refined yet authentic rough concrete finish with light grey base
  • Illustrates the richness that minimalism can achieve
  • Airy visual textures express depth enriched by dark grey and white areas
  • Accent with matte brass, gold and pastel accessories this space
  • Versatile enough to accompany all shades of timber, tiles or slate

Excava – Residential kitchen with an urban edgeExcava, Caesarstone

  • Combines the authentic features of rust and concrete – a first in quartz
  • Reflects the geological decay of stone, weathered by time & nature
  • Rough concrete finish which is subtly coarse to the touch
  • Different layers of earth shades to copper and dark brown
  • Pair with taupe, chrome, mirrored and terrazzo accents

Flannel Grey – Medium grey that embodies the perfect countertopFlannel Grey, Caesarstone

  • A textured tone easily matched with other neutrals
  • Dark grey accents swirl across the surface with cool notes, giving depth
  • Accent with turquoise, blue or terracotta hues and gunmetal fittings
  • Becomes elevated when combined with oak or walnut or urban with slate