Luum Textiles introduces Suzanne Tick’s Tactility Collection

Luum Textiles announced today the introduction of its latest collection – Tactility. Tactility will be showcased at the Luum showroom (#1043) during NeoCon in Chicago.

“With a focus on enhancing intuitive, emotional and sensorial experience, we unveil our Tactility Collection – materials created to support architecture that slows down experience, halts time and defends the importance of the human experience,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “Our latest collection explores textural and dimensional surfaces that influence the way we experience touch, sight and sound. Through multi-purpose and multi-directional fabrics that respond to both our logical and intuitive needs, Tactility embodies emotional design thinking expressed through a comprehensive colour palette.”Luum Textiles, Suzanne Tick, Tactility

The collection – Arc Angle, Equilux, Superspun and Interstice – explores the diversity and expressive nature of a surface through fiber, structure, colour, pattern and dimension. It offers new classics, modernized through pattern and colour. Patterns and constructions are inspired by time-honored textile techniques, such as quilting, moire effects and spinning. The palettes reflect a more nuanced and experimental approach to colour by offering a broader selection of softer shades and tech-inspired brights.

Dimension is the key to warming up an environment. Arc Angle nods to tradition by applying quilting through a contemporary lens. Using performance materials and industrial machinery, Arc Angle softens space with a technical objective. Multi-purpose, multi-directional and customizable, Arc Angle succeeds Navigate from the Focus In collection as an evolution in material hybridization. The grid is softened and deconstructed with curvilinear stitching, that fades and intensifies. Nylon stitching merges a Heather Tech base cloth with non-woven polyester. The result is a highly tactile, dimensional and multi-purpose product.

Based on the passage of light through geometric facades, Equilux’s large-scale pattern is created through the traditional method of moire. By layering grid patterns, dynamic movement is created and moire becomes modern. The subtle transition between matte wool and lustrous rayon gives equal significance to natural and synthetic fibers. Wool content feeds an emotional and sensorial desire for connection to the natural world, while the integration of synthetic fibers reflects our relationship to the built environment.Luum Textiles, Suzanne Tick, Tactility

As weavers, yarn acts as a building block of textile structure. Superspun’s substantial weave integrates woven structure with dynamic combinations of uniquely spun yarns. Two types of polyester fiber are blended and spun in a multitude of variations for heightened tactility and visual texture. Inspired by this yarn, weave structures were developed to showcase the complex texture and color in this cross-dye fabric.

Interstice highlights the intricate relationship between colour and structure. This multi-colour texture is created through a precise approach to colour developed at the yarn level. The eye perceives distinct colours in the warp and weft resulting in visual texture. Through the use of fine boucles in high-performance fibers, the interaction of color and weave creates a refined visual tactility. Technical brights combine with muted colours and neutrals to create complex and often unexpected colours for a versatile palette.

Equilux, Superspun and Interstice are upholstery patterns.

“From fiber to finish, across upholstery, panel and direct glue wall applications, Luum designs collections that work together holistically,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “We integrate traditional weaving techniques with new technologies to create textiles that perform in the collaborative workspaces of today. Luum’s textiles are both elegantly simple, yet structurally complex. Our integrated collections afford an integrated experience.”