Integrative Lighting: SSLNet conference coming to Toronto

Coming to the University of Toronto in early June, the largest and oldest meeting for catering to the Canadian lighting industry will host the two-day Smart Sustainable Lighting Network (SSLNet) conference with talks by industry and academic leaders, and an industry showcase to exhibit the latest products and service.SSLNet

The lights — sustainable and not — of Toronto’s Financial District. Photo by city of lights via Flickr Commons.Titled Integrative Lighting, the conference will address trends in integrating next-generation lighting and controls into building management systems, healthcare settings, and classrooms. The conference is hosted by the University of Toronto’s Impact Centre, a research institute that fosters links between talent, training, innovative companies, and government to create products and services that benefit society.

In the last decade, the LED lighting industry has addressed fundamental questions surrounding energy efficiency and viability, and successfully been established for indoor, outdoor and roadway lighting. Building on this success will be vital for the industry’s growth. New research is demonstrating the value of lighting for health, horticulture, and safety, and new communications and building management technologies are placing lighting as a key component of an integrated network. These trends will continue as the industry faces emerging challenges and opportunities in connectivity, interoperability, data security, non-visual effects of lighting, and spectral and light dosage for plant growth.

The SSLNet conference’s featured speakers will discuss recent advances in LED chips and modules, power and control electronics, smart lighting and Internet of Things, and horticultural lighting. The Industry Showcase, held concurrently with the speaker sessions, will highlight the latest products and services that are available for and by the lighting sector.

Presented by Cisco director William McGowan, a workshop will discuss Digital Building Approaches at RBC WaterPark Place III that offer efficient, flexible and interactive office space use. Other workshops will focus on integrating lighting innovations in living space and workplace to improve human health and well-being, as well as productivity.

More information — including a full schedule and list of speakers — is available via the official SSLNet conference website, linked here.