Style Aisle Textile Marathon

Stitch│BN International BN International, Heimtextil BN International, Heimtextil

Simple geometric patterns with a splash of colour, a tactile texture and a mid-century modern feel made the Stitch Collection my stand out wallcovering product at the show. The six unique designs were created in-house and are available in a variety of colours to suit any space.  

Ulf Moritz Signature│Marburger Tapetenfabrik Heimtextil, Marburger

Amsterdam-based German designer Ulf Moritz is no stranger to textile and wallpaper design and has again teamed up with Marburg to create the Ulf Moritz Signature wallpaper collection: a luxurious feel fashioned on simple patterns and rich in colour. 

Clark│Vescom Clark, Vesecom, Heimtextil

Through it multilayered small horizontal and square design, the Clark is able to create a three dimensional textured wall surface look that is subtle yet eye catching. 

Ishi│Saum & Viebahn Saum Viebahn, Heimtextil

The Ishi drape fabric, with its intricate stitching and ability to fool the eye to believe it was sewn together from multiple pieces, is visually striking especially in the light grey option, one of five colour choices. 

Design 219│Sabine Röhse Sabine Röhse, Heimtextil

Super-talented German textile designer Sabine Röhse offers an eclectic mix of designs featuring abstract graphic forms and digitally created patterns that are simple yet innovative. 

East Village Jaune│Texdecor  Texdecor, Heimtextil Texdecor, Heimtextil

The East Village Jaune drape fabric was designed by Texdecor’s modern Camengo design team. A raised embroidered line incorporating red square patterns on a yellow textile creates intriguing geometrical shapes.  

Vibes│Kobe Fabric Kobe Fabric, Heimtextil

Vibes drapes, part of Kobe’s Senses collection, incorporates a decolourizing technique to create a unique two tone fading effect. 

 Apart│Jab Anstoetz Jab Anstoetz, Heimtextil, Apart Jab Anstoetz, Heimtextil, Apart

The Apart and Blizzard shades produce a striking lighting effect due to the almost barcode-like stripe patterns that allow lots of light to enter a room, yet still offering privacy. 

 04258.000Verhees Textiles Verhees, Heimtextil

Fancy a cork textile? This unique product (with an even more unique name) is not just a cork print, but a textile physically manufactured from a combination of 50 per cent wood, 25 per cent cotton and 25 per cent polyester to create a truly cork like look and feel. 

 Kanji│Nobilis Paris Kanji, Nobilis Paris, Heimtextil

Part of the Mosaic collection and available in three colours, Kanji is an embroidered curtain fabric imitating the ornate lines and designs of Japanese calligraphy. 

 Domino│Élitis Elitis, Domino, HeimtextilElitis, Domino, Heimtextil

This 100 per cent non-woven wallcovering is a collection of drawings assembled into a pattern of shapes and geometric designs which are then printed into wallpaper. The result is over 40 very unique designs in a variety of colours.