Desjardins and MASSIVart unveil Daniel Iregui’s RIVER installation

Desjardins and MASSIVart have unveiled a work by Daniel Iregui called RIVER at the newly reimagined Desjardins—Downtown Montreal location. The new space, where innovative technology provides the backdrop for a unique member/client experience, was the perfect place for the installation of this modern interactive piece of art. This illuminated installation is the very first permanent work by world-renowned artist Daniel Iregui. Visible from St. Catherine Street, RIVER will brighten the day—and night—of pedestrians on one of Montreal’s busiest intersections.Daniel Iregui, RIVER, Desjardins, MASSIVart, Montreal

Born in Columbia, Montrealer Iregui exhibits his art around the world, receiving prizes and critical acclaim wherever he goes. Known for his strong, bold concepts, he is a master at turning art into an interactive audiovisual experience.Daniel Iregui, RIVER, Desjardins, MASSIVart, Montreal

RIVER is an 11-metre long installation of LED lights with a randomly generated visual: the work changes in response to the season, day of the week, ambient noise and traffic at the new location. Two other works accompany the featured piece: a CNC-cut volumetric work and a large-format print under glass.Daniel Iregui, RIVER, Desjardins, MASSIVart, Montreal

It’s the first piece of digital art to find a permanent home in Desjardins’s offices—and a reflection of the cutting-edge approach being taken at the new location. Visitors will discover a space organized by interactive theme-based zones designed to foster a relationship-based approach that focuses on members’ plans and goals.Daniel Iregui, RIVER, Desjardins, MASSIVart, Montreal

“Our decision to make digital art part of our project demonstrates our forward-looking vision and visually expresses the innovative, modern and creative nature of our services,” said Sylvain Trottier, Director of Complementary Network Sales at Desjardins.Daniel Iregui, RIVER, Desjardins, MASSIVart, Montreal

“Designed to reflect our downtown members and clients, our new space provides an exceptional experience for everyone who steps inside. Strategically located in one of the busiest commercial hubs in Canada, our revamped service centre completely redefines our approach for the benefit of our members and clients.”

Photos by Stéphane Brügger.