Finding the Fun(ction)

Empire│Mr. North Empire, Mr. North, Maison & ObjetEmpire, Mr. North, Maison & Objet

The Empire collection by Javier Gomez – a Maison & Objet rising talent from 2016 – is a minimally designed fully upholstered sofa and lounger shaped by a bentwood structure, combining comfort and design all into one.  

 SpeakerBunaco  Maison & Objet, Bunaco, Speaker

Designed by Japanese wunderkind Nendo, thin strips of beech wood are rolled into coil-based shapes that create internal cavities with unique sound absorbing and reflecting qualities, producing a clear and soft tone. Placing the diaphragm in a vertical transparent acrylic cylinder not only improves the quality and spatial distribution of the sound, but also leaves the unfinished edge that is left curling from the bottom on view. 

 A Conversation Piece│Vita Copenhagen Maison & Objet, A Conversation Piece, Vita Copenhagen

Designed by Anders Klem, this is an armchair that encourages relaxation and openness, with organic continuous curving lines and a heart shaped shell made of oiled oak that keeps the grain of the wood visible and highlights the use of natural materials. 

 Bump│La Chance Maison & Objet, Bump, La ChanceMaison & Objet, Bump, La Chance

This new cabinet and credenza line in galvanized steel and marble by Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus gets its name from the ‘bump’ or push motion necessary to open the doors. While the structure and interior is made of wood with metal only applied as a décor, the steel is submerged in a bath of protective molten yellow zinc which creates a unique iridescent colour. 

 Kettal Mesh│Kettal   Maison & Objet Maison & Objet

The new collection designed by Patricia Urquiola now includes a daybed and two chaises lounges, in a style reminiscent of building façades that let in light and air while keeping the elements out. It combines natural and industrial materials, hard and soft surfaces, and transparent and opaque volumes to create a family of outdoor furniture based on contrasts. 

 Fox│Pedrali Maison & Objet, Fox, PedraliMaison & Objet, Fox, Pedrali

Designed by Patrick Norguet, Fox is one of Pedrali’s more successful lines of armchairs notable for its clever mix of materials and geometric lines: a thin fiberglass polypropylene shell set in an ash wood profile curved and rounded at the ends. What’s new for 2018 is a version in leather upholstery.  

 Fingers│Seletti Maison & Objet, FIngers, SelettiMaison & Objet, FIngers, Seletti

If fingers left prints on molten brass, what would the resulting objects look like? The answer is the Fingers collection designed by Marcantonio, which takes its cues from textures left behind by fingerprints and applies it to an away of items such as lamps, cutlery, plates, nutcrackers, candle holders, and a bell, all somehow as elegant as they are anachronistic. 

 Krak│Riluc Maison & Objet, Krak, RilucMaison & Objet, Krak, Riluc

Somehow without even reading its description you can tell this came from the brain of Karim Rashid. Eye-catching in every respect, the Krak side table is an experiment of steel juxtaposed in a hard, planar, skewed composition, with straight lines providing a surprisingly sturdy base while the three-dimensional facets create movement. 

 Bolge 59│Salty Design Bolge 59, Salty Design, Maison & Objet

Pretty much every piece of Salty Design’s furniture have something in common: they’re made from real surfboards. Here, a shortened board and refined shape is combined with a Jean Prouvé-inspired base to give the table a modern instead of kitschy look. 

 Geoffrey│Ligne Roset Geoffrey, Ligne Roset, Maison & Objet

Designed by Brussels-based Alain Gilles, this minimalist mirror/clothes stand is actually quite luxurious, with the black lacquered steel structure challenged by a small brass-coated steel trinket holder. Highly graphic, stable yet light, a perfect fit for Ligne Roset’s aesthetics.

 Primates│Bosa Maison & Objet, Primates, BosaMaison & Objet, Primates, Bosa

Designed by Elena Salmistraro to remind us of the delicate relationship between man and ape, the decorative ceramic plates are edged by a light frame and feature six different themes and two different sizes.