GSM Project unveils COC’s ‘Canadian Olympic Experience’

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) has unveiled Montreal’s new Canadian Olympic Experience. Designed and produced by GSM Project, this interactive and educational exhibit opens its doors to visitors tomorrow at the COC offices in downtown Montreal, where they will be immersed into the heart of the Olympic experience and follow the journey of Canada’s top athletes.GSM Project, Canadian Olympic Experience

GSM Project laid out the narrative of this Olympic experience through three distinct spaces, evocatively named “My Profile,” “Their Journey” and “Our Moment.” In the first zone, visitors can find out their athletic profile and participate in interactive installations while trying different Olympic disciplines.GSM Project, Canadian Olympic Experience

In “Their Journey”, visitors can learn about the athletes’ road to the Olympics, including their mental and physical preparation and the failures and successes along the way. The second exhibition space also celebrates great moments in Canadian Olympic history and honours Canada’s homegrown athletes with a wall of video archives and statues representing our Olympians in action.GSM Project, Canadian Olympic Experience, COC

In the “Our Moment” space, visitors are transported to an Olympic stadium, where they can get a first-hand idea of what athletes feel in the moments leading up to their Olympic events.GSM Project, Canadian Olympic Experience, COC

One of the key objectives of the project included bringing visitors closer to the Canadian Olympic Movement and its athletes, allowing them to live for themselves the excitement of the Olympic Games. Not only that, it was also important to create an experience that caters to a wide audience, all while paying special attention to inspiring youth to discover a passion for sport.GSM Project, Canadian Olympic Experience, COC

“We integrated the emotional, interactive and informational aspects of the Olympic experience to really bring it to life for visitors. The interactive journey we created will let visitors immerse themselves into the reality of Olympic athletes throughout their process from mental and physical training all the way to their ultimate glory,” explained Yves Mayrand, President and Chief Creative Officer at GSM Project.

More information about the design for the ‘Canadian Olympic Experience’ is available via the GSM Project website, linked here

Photos via GSM Project.