Ontario Place seeks submissions for Winter Light Exhibition

Ontario Place is seeking the imagination and creativity of Ontarians to take inspiration from our natural winter landscape and submit a proposal for the Winter Light Exhibition. Submissions for illuminated sculptures that project, shape, transmit, apply, transform or contain light are now being accepted for the event.

Ontario Place, Winter Light Exhibition
Ontario Place invites submissions for the Winter Light Exhibition. Image via Infrastructure Ontario

The curatorial theme is Disruptive Engagement, mimicking Ontario’s wintry landscape of brisk wind, ice and extreme temperatures. Utilizing creativity, innovation, light and discovery, creators from all artistic streams are invited to submit new or pre-existing pieces that meet the curatorial theme and keywords. Taking place on the 15-acre West Island of Ontario Place, featuring both urban and natural elements, there is opportunity for works of varied styles and sizes. Applicants are encouraged to explore and combine unconventional materials and methods that respond to light in different ways. Evaluations will be made based on artistic merit, experience, viability and consistency with the curatorial theme.

A Winter Light 2017 installation. Image via Ontario Place Corporation.
A Winter Light 2017 installation. Image via Ontario Place Corporation.

With a mandate to provide talented and creative people in the Province with the opportunity to exhibit their works and their abilities, the Winter Light Exhibition hosted by Ontario Place continues its momentum from last year’s exhibition which revolved around the theme of winter light. This exhibition will generate and continue to build both interest and awareness of Ontario Place as an explorative public space.

Ontario Place is currently accepting submissions for the Winter Light Exhibition. Project timelines are as follows:

·         Site Tours: Applicants are encouraged to visit Ontario Place. To schedule your visit, contact  [email protected]

·         Final Submission Date: August 7, 2018 at midnight EST

·         Awarded by: September 12, 2018 (follow-up site visits will be scheduled)

·         Installation period (as assigned): November 2018

·         Photos of prospective exhibit locations can be found here