Toronto’s IDS19 conference issues call for speakers

Toronto’s Interior Design Show (IDS) has added a robust two-day conference program for IDS19! “Here’s an opportunity for you to deliver exciting content to design professionals in an immersive, interactive forum focused around the theme of Transformation & Evolution. Our conference line-up will include keynote talks, design labs, seminars and plenary discussions on a range of critical topics and theme,” the new IDS19 call for speakers explains.IDS19

The conference package is divided into four major themes: Technology, Experience, Talent & Diversity, and Urbanism: Future Cities. We ask that you submit your presentation under one of the four themes described below:


How can technology impact the way we do business in the future? We are interested in discussing the relationships between: (1) technology and its influence on how we use the environments in which we live; (2) technology and its influence on talent and the workplace; or (3) technology and methods of manufacturing new products, designs, and buildings. Technology is everywhere but the real challenge is how technology is deployed and adapted by people.


What defines our spatial experience? Whether we seek out the latest restaurant, a unique boutique hotel, or create workplace environment that can attract and retain top talent, society craves special experiences. What are the key factors that make a unique experience that can elevate the quality of life in our everyday world?

Talent & Diversity

Design professionals—and the entire creative industry—strive to envision, enable and create inclusive workplaces and communities. However, are we able to successfully nurture leadership and mentorship programs that lift all boats in our organizations, ensuring a diverse and competitive work culture? How can today’s design practice attract the best people? And do our design projects contribute to or hinder the development of a diverse, multicultural nation? This topic relates to both the workplaces that designers create for themselves, in addition to the spaces we enable for everybody.

Urbanism: Future Cities

Cities are organic entities that continue to evolve and adapt new forms. What will our future cities look like? How will our cities adapt to climate change, new technologies, income inequality and affordability, or basic infrastructure challenges such as transit? We are interested in hearing from civic leaders, urban visionaries, and holistic design thinkers who can speak to and imagine our cities of the future.

Thank you for your interest in participating as a speaker at the Interior Design Show in January 2019. All the information below must be filled out to be considered. Speakers and seminars will be selected based on varying criteria including: relevancy to the industry, timeliness, speaker experience and how your particular topic blends with the rest of the seminar program.

The deadline to apply as a speaker for IDS19 is July 28. You can apply via this link.