Seasoned With Style

SapienStone | Ciot Sapienstone, Ciot, Kitchens Sapienstone, Ciot, Kitchens

Designed specifically for vanities, fireplaces, and of course, kitchen counters, these porcelain slabs fuse ceramic clay with mineral dye to create a natural stone look. The surface is available in nine colours and is highly resistant to chemical products, heat, scratches, and light, making it perfect for high-traffic areas.  

Bianca Island | AyA Kitchens AyA, kitchens AyA, kitchens

AyA Kitchens’ Bianca Island is the perfect companion for tight kitchens. With a solid work top, slide-out butcher block, and garbage/recycling station, the island contains all of the necessities for meal prep. Best of all: it contains an intelligent fold-out dining table that can be used or tucked away as needed.  

Mia by Carlo Cracco | Scavolini Scavolini, kitchens

Mia makes accessible the luxuries of a professional kitchen for everyday users at home. Designed by chef Carlo Cracco, the kitchen features multi-functional appliances and high-tech upgrades including a vacuum-packing machine, food dehydrator, and meal warming lamps. The sleek steel finish of the appliances complements the smooth clay and stone cabinets, providing a professional look without the sterile industrial feel.  

Liberta Modular System | Richelieu Richelieu, kitchens Richelieu, kitchens

Liberta invites users to create highly versatile open shelving structures using unique configurations to fit any type of space. Cut from aluminum and easily assembled and mounted, the shelves are at once strong and durable. They can even be paired with glass shelves, decorative panelling, and discreet lighting for a variety of styles and tastes.  

Metropolitan Collection | Caesarstone Caesarstone, kitchens Caesarstone, kitchens

The new Collection brings factory aesthetics into the realm of residential design. The five surfaces are rough, tough, and unpolished, and when installed in a kitchen bring a raw patina with an enviable industrial edge. Inspired by oxidized steel, poured plaster, and raw concrete, each slab is unique, full of character and depth.  

KeepHeat | Hoover KeepHeat, Hoover, kitchens

The KeepHeat oven uses a patented Exeter Technology to cook and keep food warm all in one appliance; allowing users to prepare meals well in advance and keep them at a desired temperature without the risk of overcooking or drying out. Conceived in collaboration with researchers from the University of Palma, the appliance mimics techniques used in professional kitchens, dropping to as low as 62 degrees Celsius when needed.  

Lullaby | Elica Elica, Lullaby, kitchensElica, Lullaby, kitchens

Elica is inspiring homeowners to ditch standard pot lights in favour of reimagined ceiling hoods instead. The Lullaby is a long shelf that floats above countertops, islands, and workstations, offering lighting, air extraction/filtration, and odour control while hiding all units from sight. The large panel is equipped with LEDs that can be adjusted for intensity and tone, while the hood is available in aged oak or white lacquered wood finishes.  

 Bold Table | LAGO Bold Table, LAGO, kitchens

The Bold Table by LAGO challenges gravity through a single off-centre support that bears the weight of its thin tabletop. Comfortable, stable, and versatile, the table is defined by its black “shadow” base that stabilizes the product itself. The table is available in oak wood and XGlass, with a base that can be customized in any of LAGO’s 32 signature colours.  

 The Boutique Collection | HanStone Quartz HanStone Quartz, Kitchens HanStone Quartz, Kitchens

Inspired by the world of fashion, the new Boutique Collection brings soft whites into conversation with subtle greys. Manufactured using advanced Breton Technology — a robotic arm that creates deep veining to mimic the appearance of natural stone — the surfaces are non-porous and resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. Consumers can choose from five styles: lace-like Chantilly; pearly Montauk; wispy grey Monterey; smooth white Soho; and cream-based  

 Mami Kitchen Knives | Alessi Mami, Alessi, Kitchens Mami, Alessi, Kitchens

Originally designed by Stefano Giovannoni in 2002, the Mami Kitchen Knives return to the Alessi catalogue in forged steel with matte finish. The new line includes a utility knife, cook’s knife, bread knife, and two Santoku knives, a Japanese instrument used for cutting, filleting, and deboning. The set comes in a knife block by Anna and Gianfranco Gasparini.  

 Precis Single 25 | Blanco Canada Precis Single 25, Blanco Canada, kitchens

Approximately 3.8 million Canadians live with a disability, and as such, Blanco Canada has crafted a single bowl sink ideal for kitchens that follow the principles of universal design. The Precis Single 25 is ADA and CSA compliant, featuring a reduced bowl depth for greater wheelchair accessibility. The sink is made from granite composite material in anthracite, cinder, or metallic grey, and can be installed as an undermount or drop in. 

Slimline Dishwasher | Miele Slimline Dishwasher, Miele, kitchens

Considering many people live in small households and apartments with minimal kitchen space, it’s surprising that compact dishwashers aren’t more common. Enter Miele’s Slimline Dishwasher: a 45cm wide appliance that’s small but effective, featuring a cutlery drawer and room for nine place settings. Stamped with an A++ energy efficiency rating, the dishwasher even contains a neat auto-open drying feature, allowing hot air to escape at the end of a cycle without risking moisture damage to nearby countertops, cupboards, and floors.   

Tiomos Hinge | GRASS Tiomos Hinge, Grass, kitchens

Deliberately blending in, GRASS’ Tiomos Hinge is made for minimalist kitchens that pride themselves on cleanliness and simplicity. The hinge is entirely hidden from sight and recessed into the cabinet to allow the furniture to speak for itself. It also comes in a variety of options for different construction and installation needs, including blind corners, slanted base cabinets, soft close dampers, and more.  

The Marble Collection | Cambria Marble Collection, Cambria, kithcens Marble Collection, Cambria, kithcens

Cambria, a made-in-America natural stone surface provider, recently added three new designs to its Marble Collection. While Bridgewater boasts denim-like blues, Mersey sets white and grey veining against a velvety black background, and Skara Brae blends taupe and moss green against a crisp white. Available in matte or high gloss finishes, the new designs offer a fresh alternative to the muted marbles that we so often see in the modern marketplace.  

 SurfaceSet | Formica 

Formica has launched a new laminate collection featuring 32 surface designs in three palettes: the soft and warm hues of a Personal Sanctuary, such as maple, rose, and bronzed steel; the bold primary tones of Spectral, featuring chrome yellow, matrix blue, and colourful paint scrapes; and the look of raw materials reused in Smart Organic, including green slate, weathered fiberwood, and enamel. 

MultiQuick 9│Braun  MultiQuick 9, Braun, kitchens

What Braun Household did to their MultiQuick 9 hand blender is akin to what Carrol Shelby did to the Mustang: jacked it up with heightened performance and attachments.Designed with the world’s first ACTIVEBlade Technology and merging it with a 700w motor now offers greater speed, power and precision during food prep.