Entro Communications announces New York expansion

Toronto-based Entro Communication Inc. today announced the acquisition and merger of New York based CVEDesign. Entro Communications Inc. and CVEDesign are both leading, highly-regarded environmental graphic design (EGD) firms.

The 2nd Avenue Subway in New York features a wayfinding strategy by CVEDesign. Photo via Entro Communications.
The 2nd Avenue Subway in New York features a wayfinding strategy by CVEDesign. 

The merger results from a long history of collaborative projects and common values as well as strong relationships
between the founding partners Andrew Kuzyk and Wayne McCutcheon of Entro, and Chris Calori and David VandenEynden of CVEDesign.

“We’ve enjoyed working on an international scale and we expect this merger will allow us to significantly build upon the established practices of both firms, particularly our on-the-ground presence in the United States”, explain Kuzyk and McCutcheon.

CVEDesign bolsters the Entro portfolio and legacy with their knowledge, established team of designers and body of work spanning over 35 years. David and Chris will join the existing Entro leadership team and continue as principals in the New York office. Based in New York and founded in 1981, CVEDesign specializes in the planning and design of signage and wayfinding programs, branded environments, and user navigation systems.

“Both firms share kindred values—that EGD plays a helpful, meaningful role in people’s lives, which is accomplished by working hand-in-hand with clients and stakeholders”, says Vanden-Eynden. It’s the perfect fit and we are very much looking forward to this next phase as our firm comes together with Entro”, confirms Calori. The joined firm will total over 50 employees, adding enhanced resources, client value, and opportunities for employees at offices in Toronto, Calgary, New York, and Zurich.