Cuisines Steam showcases Projet Avenue kitchen in Rivière-des-Prairies

It is well established that a kitchen nowadays is no longer just a place to cook and eat, it is so much more meaningful in terms of its functionality and its integration within a home. This kitchen by Cuisines Steam, which sits in a newly constructed single family dwelling in Montreal, has carved out a special place for itself and it embodies the notion that a kitchen can reach beyond its original scope and draw you in for so much more than cooking.Cuisines Steam

“The lines are blurred between where the kitchen ends and where the living room begins and the whole space feels harmonious, fluid and welcoming”, says Patrizia Giacomini, designer and sales director at Cuisines Steam.Cuisines Steam

The choice of materials and the importance of natural light are the key ingredients in the design of this kitchen. The intention was to emphasize the harmony of the materials from one room to another and to create a link between the exterior and the interior, allowing the kitchen to blend into the space completely.Cuisines Steam

“In our view, a successful kitchen project is one where the cabinets seem to disappear, the materials take on a life of their own and the architecture shines”, concludes Patrizia. The kitchen becomes the backdrop for the daily adventures of a young and dynamic family!

Cuisines Steam is a Montreal kitchen design and manufacturing company founded in 2002 and now employs more than 25 experts. Led by its motto “it’s the small details that make great kitchens”, Cuisines Steam affixes its seal of quality and exceptional rigour in the gourmet epicenter of the home. Custom-made kitchens, designed by a team that is as passionate about cooking and design as their clients.