Eureka Lighting introduces Twin and Bloom LED pendants

Eureka, an established Montreal-based leader in decorative lighting solutions, today announced the release of its Twin and Bloom products. The Twin has been designed to be used in settings where a cozy atmosphere is needed as well as a functional purpose fulfilled, while the Bloom offers beautifully diffused ambient light.Eureka

The Twin has a double-layered shaded, enclosing two separate light sources. The first, a circular LED module, provides soft indirect light between the shades creating a decorative halo effect. A second light source is a powerful central downlight that combines COB (chip-on-board) technology with a polycarbonate TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lens for precise light control. The downlight has a softer edge than a spotlight and offers reduced glare due to its position deep inside the inner shade.Eureka

The Bloom uses the same exterior shade as the Twin, but the interior shade is replaced by a classic round frosted globe resulting in a more diffused light, without the spotlight effect. The light source is the same COB used in the Twin.

Inspired by the successful Embed product, both the Twin and Bloom are available in three mounting types; ceiling surface, ceiling surface (semi-recessed) and ceiling suspended. Simple to install, the ceiling surface (semi-recessed) is perfect for renovation projects and hides the heat sink in a variety of ceiling types and thicknesses. The ceiling suspended version comes with an easy-install canopy in black or white standard colours.Eureka

Both products are offered in two diameters – the small is 10.5 inches (265mm) and the large is 15.75 inches (400mm). The Twin delivers 900 lumens.

The external matte finish has been specially developed in white, light gray, black, navy blue and pale green, offering unique and contemporary palettes for designers.Eureka

“We started with the Embed product and expanded that offering to give designers a wider variety of styles to work with,” said Francois Renaud, Director of Design for Eureka. “Even before we consider the various color temperatures and dimming options available, the mounting types and paint colours of the three families provide sixty-six products that can be mixed and matched for any project.”