figure3 wins top honours at inaugural IDC Value of Design Awards

figure3 came away as a big winner at Tuesday night’s IDC Value of Design Awards (VODA’s), winning 3 top honours. Held at the Marriott Downtown at CF Eaton Centre, the VODA’s were part of the Interior Designers Of Canada’s inaugural Design Symposium, one of North America’s most expansive educational conferences showcasing the true value of design.

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Left Photo: From left to right – Allan Guinan, Susan Jefferson and Suzanne Bettencourt, figure3 OMERS Team. Right Photo: From left to right – Vanessa Tantalo, Caroline Hughes, Carly Block-Marcus, Tyler Gilchrist and Suzanne Bettencourt, figure3 Freedom 55 Team.

The 3 awards won by figure3 are:

Award of Excellence (Innovation in Workplace Design) – OMERS
Award of Excellence (Innovation in Design Thinking) – Freedom 55
Award of Merit (Innovation in Workplace Design) – Freedom 55

The Value of Design Awards highlight projects that showcase the benefits of design thinking: an empathetic and iterative process focused on the human experience within interior spaces.

“We’re excited to have won 3 VODA’s as it shows that figure3 creates much more than simply beautiful spaces, but also spaces designed with critical thought, empathy, and invention,” says Suzanne Bettencourt, Principal at figure3. “We’re so proud of our teams who worked so hard designing these spaces to positively influence how our clients do their business.”

The judges for the VODA’s represented the fields of interior design, industry, and media, and included Theo West-Parks, Principal, Westparks + Associates Inc., Brandon G. Donnelly, VP of Development, Slate Asset Management, and Craig Patterson, Founder and Editor in Chief of Retail Insider.