Canadian designers introduce aux box remote living space

Many people need more time in their lives and more space in their homes, but how to get it? That simple question spurred the creation of the aux box, which attempts to answer to both. aux box is an affordable solution that adds customized space to one’s home in his or her own backyard. The innovative standalone space can be used as everything from a yoga studio/gym, writing sanctuary, art studio, guest room, kids play area, and/or home office.aux box

The design provides access and proximity to the primary living space individuals and families require — close enough to omit a commute, but separated enough to allow for tranquility and/or focus. aux box co-founders Morgan Seeber and Landon Sheck established aux box based on their strong belief that a purposeful, architecturally beautiful space is paramount to the success of one’s pursuits.aux box

Each aux box includes a nearly endless number of customizable features, ensuring that the new space reflects everything a person needs to maximize his or her full potential. aux box products require no building permits, and are assembled entirely in the company’s exclusive construction warehouse. Once complete, the professional delivery and installation is simple, fast and mess-free.aux box

For the price of an economy car, people can finally have the space they need and access to what they need, literally at their doorstep. However, unlike an economy car, the addition of an auxiliary living space could realistically increase a home’s value.aux box

On Vancouver Island, visitors can now come see, feel, and experience a real live aux box at the company’s newly established headquarters, located at 1175 B Island Highway East, Parksville, BC.

More information about the design is available via the company’s official website, linked here.