IDC looks back on past year with newly published annual report

With the inaugural Value of Design Thinking Symposium now behind us, the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) is taking stock of the year through the newly published 2018 annual report. Outlining the events and initiatives of the past year, as well as changes in membership and management, and the organization’s financial performance.

The IDC looks back on the past year with the 2017-2018 annual report.
The IDC looks back on the past year with the 2017-2018 annual report.

The annual report opens with a message from outgoing IDS President Jason Kasper, who sums up the accomplishments of the past year:

This has been a truly exciting and ambitious year for IDC, and I am honoured to have had the privilege of serving as your president of the 2017-2018 Board of Management.

For some time now, there has been a need among members to connect to other designers across the country and for information and communication from your national advocacy association. This year we responded with a monthly webinar series dedicated to keep members informed and engaged on matters related to IDC and the interior design industry. We hope the information sessions provided the much-needed channel for making your voice heard, and we aim to provide many similar opportunities in the future.

IDC hosted numerous networking events and learning opportunities throughout the country, as a way to give members the chance to meet each other and learn together. Our organization is only as strong as our members, who give back and participate.

We are most excited to have had the opportunity to bring so many of you together, from coast-to-coast, to IDC’s inaugural Design Symposium in Toronto. This is a first, in a long line of engaging annual symposiums that will happen around the country. It took many months of planning and forging meaningful connections to launch this incredible event, and IDC’s Board of Management and staff thank you all for your attendance and contribution to the Symposium’s success!

You can find the rest of the letter — and the full annual report — via the IDC website, linked here.