Luum Textiles introduces Suzanne Tick’s new Phenomenology Collection

Luum Textiles announced today the introduction of its Phenomenology Collection. Phenomenology presents four new styles – Ephemera, Meta Texture, Backdrop and Fleck Forge − that interact dynamically with light through exploration of colour, materiality and pattern designed to illusory effect. Each fabric performs as a unique design tool to enhance interior spaces and integrate to create intriguing and elegant experiences.Phenomenology, Luum Textiles

“Light defines the way we observe space and affects our perception of shape and form,” explains Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “Phenomenology is inspired by the nuanced and striking phenomena of light, and how it transforms built environments. Lustrous surfaces and patterns emerge and shift to alter and augment our experience within our environment dependent on our vantage point. These new qualities come to life in dynamic and engaging colour palettes that complement one another across styles. The inherently durable material constructions suit different surfaces to amplify or transform their effect; their full colour stories also serve to satisfy any need, to create narratives within any interior.”

Sophistication isn’t fixed − it’s in flux. Ephemera features a highly durable epingle pile that reveals or obscures the subtle underlying ikat-inspired jacquard depending on the angle at which it is seen. Age-old ikat techniques are reinterpreted through complex construction, each of the reflective and rich colours imparts a refined air to any space. In addition to its optical effect, this upholstery fabric was designed for bleach cleanability and washability, making it appropriate for merging hospitality and workplace applications.

With Meta Texture, Luum presents a three-colour printed polyurethane featuring a pattern that appears deeply textural, creating the illusion of dimension and shadow across surfaces. Inspired by classic tweeds, each layer of the print interacts to create the feeling of interwoven threads. The 13 colourways in this upholstery palette vary in depth and shade to provide an option to suit any mood. Engineered to be more durable to hydrolysis, Meta Texture is a bleach-cleanable, multi-purpose polyurethane well-suited for healthcare applications.

Backdrop is an inherently fire-retardant polyester cross-dye drapery with a dry hand and refined heathered texture. This opaque, wool-like quality can obscure or direct light as well as reflect the subtly mixed hues inherent to the polyester yarn composition. Pairing the comprehensive neutral palette of Backdrop with Heather Tech makes a holistic and enveloping design, creating conversation between surfaces.

Fleck Forge, with a uniquely dry hand and matte finish, offers a new solution for wallcovering and wrapped wall applications. In lieu of lustrous vertical fabrics, Fleck Forge conveys a crisp and natural feeling grounded by its optical texture. This quality’s finely woven structural pattern highlights yarn-dyed warp and weft interaction in a palette of crisp neutrals, while also creating seamless coverage and concealing any imperfections of underlying surfaces. The artisanal feel of this quality does not discount its bleach cleanability and scrubbability as a direct-glue wallcovering and wrapped wall fabric.

This dramatic recolour of a high-performance classic polyester velvet presents an array of engaging colours in an updated palette. Inspired by nostalgia for luxe interiors, luminous Velvet Underground absorbs and reflects light within its tight, low pile to add opulent depth to interiors and furniture. Despite its luxurious effect, this updated velvet upholstery is durable and commercially launderable.

“Our business is founded on artisanal exploration and discovery of new materials, along with a sharp eye for emerging trends in commercial spaces,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “At Luum, we are committed to unifying craft, design and technology to create textiles that not only enhance spaces, but perform under demanding conditions.”