IDC looks ahead to 2019 with message from President Sally Mills

Fresh off the heels of the Interior Designers of Canada’s (IDC) inaugural Value of Design Thinking Symposium’s, the organization is looking ahead to its continuing evolution at the heart of Canada’s dynamic fast-changing interior design industry.

IDC President Sally Mills.
IDC President Sally Mills.

Setting the stage for the year ahead, IDC’s incoming President Sally Mills shares some thoughts about the future — focusing on advocacy as a central theme for 2019 — in a new letter:

Thank you to everyone who joined us at IDC’s inaugural Design Symposium in celebration of Canadian interior design and our talented designers. We have much to rejoice about in our industry this year and as your new 2018/2019 IDC president, I see many more opportunities in the future for IDC members to showcase their work, ideas, and the importance of what we do as designers.

To build on the great communications channels already established by past IDC leaders, we’ll continue to engage with you, the members, via bi-monthly webinars, and share every opportunity to make your voices heard and contribute conversations about important topics affecting our industry.

For IDC, 2019 will be all about advocacy – both in promoting the work of members and spreading the word about interior design and its impact on daily lives, on a global scale.

IDC aims to connect members across the country, and provide up-to-date information to members, industry and educational institution. We can do much more to educate the public if we start locally.

I’m looking forward to engaging with many of you over the next year, and hearing feedback about your national association.


Sally Mills, IDC President

You can find the original copy of the letter on the IDC’s official website, linked here.