Gus* Modern and Pendleton Woolen Mills launch limited edition collaboration

Gus* Modern is pleased to announce their launch of a limited edition collaboration with heritage textile brand Pendleton Woolen Mills. This is the second time the companies have married their designs. The latest capsule collection features two Gus* Modern Elk Chairs, each upholstered in their own distinctive Pendleton pattern. The light, natural ash chair is upholstered in a vivid design called Canyonlands Desert, and the dark, black ash chair is upholstered in a monochromatic pattern called Diamond River Tonal Charcoal. The sculptural frame of both chairs features precision‐cut, bent‐ply seat and back panels and is elevated by slender, powder‐coated steel legs.Gus* Modern, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Elk Chair

“The Pendleton fabrics have elevated the aesthetic of our Elk Chairs in a fresh, modern way,” says David Podsiadlo, Lead Designer and co‐founder of Gus*. “Whether these chairs are destined for a lakeside cabin or downtown loft, the designs celebrate the perfect union of textiles and furniture.”

Gus* Modern, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Elk Chair

Pendleton has an outstanding legacy of designing graphic jacquard patterns, many of which are inspired by Indigenous and southwestern motifs. For this collaboration, the Pendleton fabrics are produced by Sunbrella, a leader in the performance textiles industry. Their expertise brings an exceptional level of quality and durability to the upholstery, and makes these chairs ideally suited for modern spaces that demand high style and easy maintenance.Gus* Modern, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Elk Chair

The exclusive Pendleton collection of Sunbrella fabrics was born from the idea of bringing two best in class brands together. Sunbrella, a pioneer in the textile industry, has established a brand built on quality and performance. Collectively, the collection celebrates the history and strength of both brands, combining the distinct Pendleton aesthetic and the enduring performance qualities of Sunbrella fabrics. The collection started with iconic Pendleton patterns, reconstructing the traditional designs of Pendleton wool blankets for upholstery fabrics. Each hero pattern is also supported by a range of textures and patterns that together, can create a space that is uniquely Pendleton.

Images via Gus* Modern / Pendleton Woolen Mills.