Formica Canada Inc. launches new specialty products

Leading laminate manufacturer Formica Canada has released a new line of products and expanded several other lines. “Our new collection of specialty products is designed to provide durability and high-quality performance in addition to ensuring they enhance the beauty of the space,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, global design lead, Formica Group. “Whether it’s a coordinated colour through the core of our products, a stunning metallic look or a super-matte finish that feels soft and luxurious, these products are designed to take commercial environments to the next level.”

ColorCore 2 Compact

The new ColorCore 2 Compact collection offers designers and architects the ability to utilize the functionality of compact surfacing with new colours to bring their design vision even closer to reality. ColorCore 2 Compact is a two-sided structural laminate with new coordinating colours through the core, and now available in three foundational solid colours—Navy Blue, Mouse and Mojave—which can be paired with multiple patterns for a customized look to fit a designer’s aesthetic. Ideal for heavy-duty commercial settings, including restrooms and wall partitions, tables, lockers and wall cladding, ColorCore 2 Compact laminate has high strength, impact-, water- and humidity resistance, and can be routed to create different shapes and forms.

ColorCore2 Compact Denim Twill and DecoMetal Oxibronze

DecoMetal Laminate

DecoMetal Laminate delivers glamourous colour and sheen with textures reflecting energy and hand craftsmanship. Joining the existing line are six new designs, including three new colours: Matte Bronze; Matte Graphite; and Matte Rose Gold, and two new patterns:

  • Labyrinth: a new palette designed to play with geometric patterns to create a custom look. The Labyrinth pattern also brings added design options as a large-scale geometric available in two new colours: Matte Bronze Labyrinth and Matte Rose Gold Labyrinth;
  • Oxibronze: Inspired by nature’s living metals, Oxibronze features an organic fluid effect emulating a metallic woodgrain. This sophisticated design is hand-finished using a layered process of polishing, staining and re-polishing real brass foil to ensure each sheet has a unique and uniform patina. These new designs bring a touch of uniqueness to vertical applications such as walls, furniture, retail fixtures, signage, exhibits and displays.
DecoMetal Matte Rose Gold

Formica Infiniti ColorCore 2 Laminate

Eliminating the brown edge line often associated with standard laminate, Formica Infiniti ColorCore 2 Laminate offers professionals functional solutions for commercial spaces that require high-performance features without sacrificing design. Featuring a soft-to-the-touch super-matte finish that is fingerprint-resistant, Infiniti ColorCore 2 Laminate offers antimicrobial surface protection, thermal healing capabilities and a matching coloured core. Available in four colours—New White; White; Black; and Storm—this line is ideal for use in high-traffic settings, including hotels, restaurants, offices, hospital lobbies and school libraries. It can be applied horizontally or vertically for casework, countertops, furniture and signage.

Formica Infiniti ColorCore2 909C Black
ColorCore2 Planked Urban Oak

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