Thinking BIG

Just a few blocks from Anish Kapoor’s aluminum Mountain in Toronto’s Simcoe Park stands another, even more majestic abstract peak, the Serpentine Pavilion. Designed by stellar architecture firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, the temporary structure was erected in London’s Kensington Garden in 2016, disassembled and now has touched down on King Street West as part of its first North American tour. The pavilion shimmered in the warm late-afternoon light for an event hosted by developer Westbank. The firm’s collaborations with BIG were the subject of the exhibition in the cavity of
the open-air structure.

Photo credit: David Lasker

Stephan Jost, director, Art Gallery of Ontario; Ian Gillespie, founder, Westbank; and architect Bjarke Ingels, founder, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).
Selena Buckle, actress, lead in Season 6, Episode 4 of CrimeTV’s Web of Lies; Jonathan Friedman, partner at architecture and design firm Partisans; fashion lawyer and trademark agent Anjli Patel; and Jaspreet Sandhu, director, loyalty and engagement, Toronto International Film Festival.
Urban planner Peter Venetas; Michael McClelland, principal, and Alexis Cohen, associate, at ERA Architects.
Daniel Fusca, senior policy advisor in the City of Toronto’s Resilience Office; former Chief City Planner of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmaat; and Tom Freeman, co-founder of design-industry sales-rep firm FH Group.
From RJC Engineers, who were part of the pavilion’s building team: Daniel Snodgrass, structural engineer; Andrew Crosby, associate; and Emeka Atansi, engineering intern.
Partisans colleagues Suzan Ibrahim, designer; Ben Salance, project manager; and Nicola Spunt, director of content and culture.