A Golden Occasion

Duale Table│Sem

Part of the Futuraforma collection and designed by the Turin-based architectural firm Marcante-Testa, the Duale table is, as the name suggests, two tables in one. It consists of a laminate and marble Bianco Lasa tops, which rest on a monumental and eclectic supporting structure that combines red mahogany, steel, painted iron and black MDF.


Pivot console│Sem

The Pivot collection, designed by Giacomo Moor, takes its name from the “pivoting” mechanism of the doors inserted directly on the assembled piece and opens and closes with a rotating movement. The structure is made of brass tubulars, enriched with tops in precious fossil elm, to which lacquered container elements are added. The doors are made exclusively by Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in etched brass and available in blue, green, red and verdigris.


Into Space│Movecho

Designed by Iona Tettelin, this seating collection transports us to an imaginary universe. Each stool consists of a metal structure with three legs and a large seat. A plain stool plus four different armrests/accessories are available in the collection. The Kvadrat Galaxy fabric that covers the seat has a pattern that reminds us of the star and dust clusters that mimic the galaxy.



So-called since this two-seater feels right at home against the backdrop of a cosy, compact bistro, Bistroo consists of a structure in powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum tabletop, and is composed of one tabletop, two seats, three legs, and available in eight colors. It also has accessories like a tablet holder, a magazine storage and a tray to help people-watching as you enjoy your drinks or have a bite to eat.


Acacia & Virus│Extremis

The Acacia eccentric parasol is intended to be directed towards the sun so that it can create as much shade as a larger parasol, despite its relatively small surface area. The structure is made in powder-coated stainless steel and the fabric is in PU coated polyester. The structure can stay outside all year long. When the sun goes down, the integrated lighting beneath the parasol canopy creates a warm ambiance. Same structure and colours for the two- or five-seater Virus compact picnic tables, here combined in an outdoor day and night solution.


Out of Office│MMood

Out of Office, designed by Anouk Taeymans, allows you to build a flexible workstation in less than no time. The desk’s metal slats are adjustable to different heights making it exceptionally multifunctional, so much so it can be a desk but also a room divider for the bedroom or a refined towel rack in the bathroom. The frame is made of solid oak and metal details, and the tabletop is matte laminate.



Designer Benoit Deneufbourg aimed to create an elegant piece of hybrid furniture that is perfect for smaller spaces. When opened, Flap serves as a compact and functional desk, particularly practical for people who use a laptop for work. When closed, the desk becomes a handy magazine rack and so offers storage space.


Dorval│Lambert & Fils

Winner of the Biennale Interieur Objects Award and launched at this year’s show, the Dorval collection is Lambert & Fils’ first-ever international partnership and an inaugural lighting design from a European studio of exceptional promise. Defined by its interplay of industrial and domestic qualities, Dorval 01 draws equal inspiration from airport runway lights, iconic French blue Mobylettes, and the essential qualities of a chandelier.


Elephant chair│Per/Use

Designed by Charly Cnops of Studio SPONC, the chairs’ name refers to the animal with its characteristic shape of trunk and ears. The continuous line of the tubular metal frame gives it a contemporary and playful look. The separate seat and backrest work as two independent pieces and are now available with black or white metal base and oak or walnut seating and back rest.



The Loop is a collection of lights designed by Filip Janssens now available as a standing desk lamp with a metal base on which a vertical panel in wood or marble is turning, holding a metal ring with the light source and capturing the electric cable in a fixed loop. The ring and base are custom made brass pieces and the pivoting vertical part consists of a solid, oiled oak panel, or marble such as calacatta or fior di bosco, as a contemporary reinterpretation of an Art Deco desk lamp.



These completely biodegradable, eco-friendly carpets and poufs are created from all-natural materials including wool, natural latex, and plant-based dyes. A desire to reconnect with nature inspired designer Liset van der Scheer to bring the experience of wandering through a forest into the home. To realize her vision, Casalis employed an innovative tufting technique to create a 3D structured carpet mimicking the texture and appearance of moss.


Sculpt│Utopia & Utility

Rough and refined, the Sculpt Staking Vessels are a set of individual containers, stacked together to create a sculptural vessel shape, and aim to explore the metamorphosis of natural elements touched by human hands. The glass vase is sculpted after being blown. The wood bowl is smoked after being turned.


Wazo│Push Collection

The name, an onomatopoeic derivative of “oiseau,” the French word for “bird,” clearly indicates the inspiration behind these side tables. Push Collection, designed by Roel Haagdoren, creates only highly personalized unique and exclusive objects in small numbered editions and using a broad range of standard materials like natural stones and woods for the tops and any metal for the structure.


Coil│Bram Kerkhofs

A modular furniture system designed to combine the function of an open shelf and a display cabinet, each unit is wrapped in a semi-transparent curtain of woven elastic rope instead of a hard shell. To create the curtain-like wall, the pieces of rope are stretched taut and slotted into a curve that is cut out of the stainless steel sheets that form the top and bottom of the cabinet. The colour of the elastic matches the coating on the metal structure of the cabinet. As there are no doors to open, the freestanding unit can be accessed from any side, and the larger units can be used as multi-functional room dividers.