Welcome Home

The hall names and layouts may have changed a bit for the September edition, but at its heart Maison & Objet still delivered as a massive curio cabinet of all that is new and cool for the home interior scene.


Bird Lamp│Seletti

A trip to Maison & Objet doesn’t feel complete without a lookie-loo at what Seletti has up its psychedelic sleeve. This time Marcantonio continues his fascination with the animal world (remember Monkey and Mouse Lamp?) with a crow that seems ready to take flight carrying a lightbulb (and your sanity) in its beak.

Clizia Mama Non Mama│Slamp

Designed by Adriano Rachele and named after that childhood game of “loves me, loves me not” with daisies, Clizia Mama Non Mama is inspired by nature’s purity. Made from interlocking Cristalflex petals using a magnetic system allow for easy installation and cleaning.


Named after the Japanese word for “bubble” and inspired by inflatable Japanese construction site lamps, as well as the image of blowing itself, like glass blowing or bubble-gum. Lena Billmeier and David Baur’s design is a soft glass volume which contrasts nicely to a delicate and minimalistic fixture system.

Risko│Viarco Portugal

A drawing desk conceived of and built within a pencil factory: can it get any more poetic? This opus is the total antithesis of digital: it is a drawing machine with an analogical memory capable of saving over 25 metres of graphic creativity in the dual scrolls housed at each end, as well as storage areas for paper, drawing and painting accessories.


If you didn’t know better, this chaise longue looks like it is intended for humans. But in fact the German brand for style-conscious pet parents tapped Danish designer Julie Carl for a modern take on the dog bed, with an elevated metal frame, ultra-comfortable cushions, and a spring-mounted base.


Nendo’s new cutlery collection for Belgian furniture and accessories brand Valerie Objects has been distilled to the absolute minimum. By reducing the amount of material used while still retaining functionality, the outline of the cutlery is like the image of a skeleton in an X-ray.


This new brand of chic armchairs and sofas was drawing a lot of attention for one simple reason: everything is inflated! Each of the four ranges (Yomi, Yoko, Collector and DIY) combine innovative metal frames with coloured and translucent inflatable elements that go up and down in minutes, perfect for nomadic hipsters.

Resting Animals│Vitra

While known mainly for furniture, the venerable design house uses Maison & Objet to launch its accessories lines, and this year it was the recent project by Front that captured how animals sleep, in poses that seemingly exudes tranquillity. The largest is a knit-covered bear that can be used as a stool, ottoman or backrest, while the smaller designs are decorative ceramic figures depicting a cat and two birds in different sizes.

Lampe TGV│Moustache X SNCF

Originally imagined for the new high-speed trains, the TGV lamp was designed by Ionna Vautrin at the SNCF’s request to bring a “home-like” domestic character to train trips. Now the French National Railways has taken the next step and, with the help of Moustache, have launched a consumer version, making it the first object from a French train to be made available to the interiors market.

Case Pendant│Vitamin

Two British interiors and lifestyle stores — Vitamin and Someday Designs – have collaborated on a drop pendant that quietly screams Minimalism 101. Handmade in the U.K.’s pottery capital, Stoke on Trent, the Case Pendant is slip cast by hand in earthenware ceramic and fired with a durable and tactile glaze.