Allseating introduces wood variant for busk+hertzog’s Astute chair

Allseating, a leader in the design and development of seating solutions for every situation, and busk+hertzog, the Danish duo known for their award-winning furniture designs, are excited to reveal the latest additions to their seating collaboration, Astute. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, as well as transitional and collaborative, Astute is a thoughtfully crafted piece that is an ideal seating option for all settings.Allseating, Astute, busk+hertzog

Allseating President Chris Binnendyk comments, “We’re excited for the new additions of Astute; the collection will continue to take the concept of the traditional side chair and flip it on its head. The wood offerings available will create even more variety and possibilities for the end-user, while still remaining true to its original design and capabilities.”

Astute’s latest additions include seat and back in five wood finishes; Light Striped Beech, Medium Striped Beech, Dark Striped Beech, Medium Walnut, and Dark Walnut. With an offering of nearly 40 finishes and over 85 custom variations, the collection serves as a remedy for design quandaries across the board.

busk+hertzog credit Astute’s timeless design to the vast cultural influences they have absorbed throughout their career. “Creating a design is a culmination of all of your experiences and all of the other designs you have created,” says Stephan Hertzog. “A design is a product of who we are, and what we have picked up on during our life. Our childhood in Denmark, our studio in London, and now in Lisbon—it is quite an international chair. We can see it fitting into environments from North America, to Europe and Asia.”Allseating, Astute, busk+hertzog

Inspired by both architecture and nature, Astute is characterized by its organic flowing arms. Designed with one signature frame that designers can build off of — the chair can be “dressed” differently depending on its varying function. This unique versatility allows for the collection to be applied to healthcare and commercial settings, bringing a warm, residential look to traditionally sterile spaces.

Hertzog adds, “During our design process we wanted to ensure that the chair was pleasing to the eye, stable, comfortable, and multi-configurable. We designed Astute to be impactful— after all, if the product doesn’t transmit any emotion to you, then it is just a product.”

Astute will continue to be available in its three original back and seat options – polypropylene, partially upholstered and fully upholstered, along with its base designs, which include sled, four-leg, casters and four-leg Plus. Additionally, the base designs can be altered to work with three height sizes – one guest and two stool choices. Arm styles include a Penguin, Loop, or Armless, all available in polished aluminum, smoke or black matte finishes, as well as 14 dynamic glossy hues. The endless variety within the collection makes Astute the embodiment of customization and high design.