Lambert & Fils opens new ‘Corridor’ gallery in Montreal

Lambert & Fils launches a new gallery in Montreal with the inaugural exhibition “Feu de camp”, an artistic installation created by Swiss designer Adrien Rovero. Corridor is a new gallery, with the goal of fostering cultural exchange and enriching Montreal’s creative community. It is located beside Lambert & Fils’ offices and atelier on Hutchison Street, where they have been based since April 2018.Lambert & Fils, Corridor, Feu de Camp, Adrien Rovero

Corridor seeks to be a space to host creators, thinkers, and producers pushing the boundaries of their practice. It aims to spark dialogue and conversation about the frontiers of art and design and how these practices can coalesce in significant ways. It will do so through hosting exhibitions, talks, and exchanges by influential designers and artists from Montreal and around the world.

More than a gallery, Corridor is also a space for Lambert & Fils’ own creative experimentation. It is a testing ground for new concepts as well as a project site for the Lambert & Fils LAB. It is open to collaboration with architects, artists, designers and other professionals, where Lambert & Fils can bring resources towards the realization of unique and complex projects.

“Many of us at Lambert & Fils come from fine arts backgrounds. Corridor gives our team space for lighting and product design. We get a chance to work alongside the guest artist’s creative vision and flex our own creative muscles in new ways.”, explains Samuel Lambert, founder of Lambert & Fils and Corridor.

In 2018, Lambert & Fils and Adrien Rovero collaborated on a series of lighting elements for Hermès holiday window displays across Switzerland.

Feu de Camp

Feu de camp continues this exploration of shape and materials, inviting the Swiss designer to imagine a new lighting installation inspired by boy scouts and childhood imagination.

Evoking the archetype of the flashlight, each lamp in Rovero’s series is a playful reminder of time spent in nature, when a simple piece of string or a wooden block could be used to fashion any number of creations. These makeshift things, at once naive and functional, harness the humility and unique beauty of peeling an object back to its essence.Lambert & Fils, Corridor, Feu de Camp, Adrien Rovero

Rovero’s lighting typologies are collected in a circle and linked by a common centre. The installation thus invites a gathering around a kind of campfire, evoking the warm, hypnotic feeling of watching light radiate from the hearth. A sense of mystery pervades the circle, beckoning the magic of one’s childhood. What have we stumbled upon in the woods? What are these objects and what is their reason for meeting around the campfire?

The new Corridor gallery is located at 6250 Hutchinson Street, on the main floor. More information is available via Lambert & Fils via this link.