W Montreal — Suites Extreme

At the top 10th floor of the building, the Suites are reminiscent of the W Hotels. From a dark and neutral space, the rooms have been completely revamped to reflect the brand’s colorful philosophy. Designed by Sid Lee Architecture, the uniquely curated spaces are immersive and memorable. At W Montreal’s Suites Extreme, boundaries were pushed to inspire the passions and the suites communicate the social and cocktail culture vibe generated by the hotel’s spirit.W Montreal, Suite Extreme, Sid Lee Architecture, Hotels W

The design narrative was to tell the story of Montreal by bringing iconic architectural features to the rooms. Each element is carefully orchestrated, local creativity and influences are everywhere. In order to create a sustaining experience for the suites, the inspiration was the very fabric of Montreal and its contemporary culture.W Montreal, Suite Extreme, Sid Lee Architecture, Hotels W

From the spontaneous music events to the art gallery, from the metro station to the mega infrastructure, the suites capture the multiplicity of the city’s art, culture and event scene, introducing the city in an innovative and visionary way.W Montreal, Suite Extreme, Sid Lee Architecture, Hotels W

Upon entering one of the suites, reminiscence of the city is placed throughout, revealing the story of Montreal to the “traveler”. The custom-made artifacts portray a modular bar of stone mass, inspired by Habitat ’67, floats above modular cubes of solids and voids; A 16′ stripped shelf resembles the patterns and forms of seating found at one of Montreal’s metro stations; a matrix of tubular structure suspends over the bed is inspired by the Biosphere grid and structure; a hair-on-hide pillow connects the design to the Cities fur trade history; a carpet will capture some of the colours and lights of the summer-long fireworks festival; a draped fabric canopy will draw its movement from a Cirque du Soleil acrobat’s performance; a bedroom divider will reflect the design of the Jacques Cartier signature bridge; and finally, terraces will symbolize the Sunday afternoon informal “tam-tam” (drum events) at the Mount-Royal Park.W Montreal, Suite Extreme, Sid Lee Architecture, Hotels W

Suite Extreme WOW 1001 is a multi-functional space, providing a vibrant and eclectic experience to its users. From an exclusive stay to private events, such as corporate meetings, product launches, DJ events, or even fashion shows, the Suite 1001 is the very definition of the bespoke. The furniture was specifically designed to be modular and removable, according to the guest needs.


Photography by Stephane Brugger.